Our Wedding

I got my wedding pictures back and I'm so excited to share! Sorry for the photo over-load...but here goes!!

Here we are 2-25-12 - newly weds by only about a half hour or so :)

The dress! After this post many of you were so curious to find out what I ended up picking.  I LOVED my dress. It had a beautiful fitted bodice with lots of sparkle, and a nice puffy bottom that flowed to the side and had great lines in it.

Getting ready with my girls! The wedding day was really not stressful at all. Some of my girls stayed with me the night before and when they got in asked if they could do anything to help....I said nope! It's all done! They agreed it was the least hectic night-before the wedding they had ever been apart of :) I was also told by many I was the opposite of a bridezilla which made me very happy.  Weddings should be happy!!! And I totally was :)

John Kellar was my photographer

 My Maid of Honor Muriel, Me, My sister and Matron of Honor Laura

My Dad and I

My niece (the flower girl) and I. This picture is just too cute I think!!

My very handsome new hubby :)

All the guys in his wedding party

Before the ceremony: me telling Miley that Woody would have to sit on a bench in the narthex so he could watch her walk down the aisle since she wouldn't have enough hands to carry him (I was so worried she was going to start screaming haha. But it totally worked!)

Flower girl Miley getting ready to walk in 

Oh the cuteness. I can't stand it. 

Time for my entrance!

Saying our vows.  I got a little emotional. Heck - I'm a big cry baby. I got very emotional. 

Made it through though - time to kiss the bride!

Announced as man and wife - so happy at this moment :)

Pretty detail in the back of my dress 

Right after the ceremony craziness. So many people all around and me trying to take in the fact he is my husband now. So so happy. 

Our lovely wedding party!

All my girls looking so fabulous.  It's good I was looking extra fab that day or they would have stolen the show :)

The wind was CRAZY the day of the wedding!!! It made for some cool shots with my veil blowing! Made for some very cold shoulders - but for a wedding at the end of February we lucked out with weather I think!

Whoooo we're married!!!!

Our first dance - "Marry Me" by Train. So special.

Yeah we were both crying :)

Such a wonderful, wonderful day. I could not have asked for anything to go differently. The ceremony was heartfelt, the reception beautiful and so much fun. (I'll have some dancing and cake smashing pictures to come later from family & friends - our photographer was only there for part of it). At the end of the day we were man and wife and being married (albeit for less than one month still) has been the best experience. I don't know why more people don't get married young! I was so lucky to find someone who I loved so much and loved me back just the same. Being able to spend everyday with him now and share my whole future with him  has been and will continue to be I'm sure such a blessing. 


  1. You look gorgeous!! I love the black and white of you, beautiful!! Congratulations again!

  2. I'm so happy for you! You two make the sweetest copule. Looks like it was an absolutely wonderful day and that you were able to take it all in and enjoy it.

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  6. You are a beautiful bride!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful pics with us!

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