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Need to get in touch? Shoot me an email at At this time I am unable to respond to all emails regarding weight loss tips and advice but I do my best to respond when I can!


  1. Hi, I think your subscribe button is broken, don't know if that's a blogger problem or not, but I click on it and see a wall of code :-/ ... so I followed you on pinterest. 'cookinfood'

  2. Hey Girlish Whims,

    I am big fan of your site.
    I really like your style, especially the creative puddings :)

    At the moment I am beginning a campaign for change in young adults, to get them to eat better food using inexpensive, sustainable ingredients. I am looking to work with fellow foodies and bloggers to encourage this. I am hoping to use my Facebook page and blog as a forum, where people write comments and contribute. I think your style of cooking is perfect to further this message and I would love for you to share your recipes and photos on The 'YES' Chef Facebook page - and encouraging others to 'like' the page, share it and post on it…

    I would also be keen to hear your thought on my blog -


  3. Nice to me and NIBBLE With you! Your party is great!!! Warmest, Nic

  4. I really like your Elements of Antiquity Multi-Strand Bracelet but would like to know what size end caps (11 mm?), crimp beads and even beads you used. Apparently, the wire is .3 mm? This looks like a great beginners project so any additional info will help. I checked out Elements of Antiquity and they have some interesting stuff.

  5. Hi Rebecca! I just sat for three hours and read through your weight loss journey. Congratulations! And thank you for being so brave and sharing your awesome & inspiring photos and details. I have been wanting to lose 30 lbs for a long time, and I have all of the tools, just wasn't sure why I wasn't successful. I learned from you that I need commitment (and what that looks like) and consistency (and what that looks like) and to limit my alcohol. The rest of it, I have already been practicing. Thank you again for the inspiration and the courage to move forward! Best wishes to you, Josephine

  6. Where can I find a bathing suit like the white one you have on in your picture?! Thanks!