Work With Me

I love working with brands that are a good fit for my blog and followers.  I am happy to partner with brands in various capacities.  Below are a few ideas of how we can work together, but I am always open to discussing opportunities.  Feel free to email me at mygirlishwhims{at}gmail{dot}com to discuss any ideas.

Sponsored Posts

If you have a website or brand that is a good fit for my blog and readers I would be happy to post an honest review to share with my followers in the form of a sponsored post.

Recipe Development

I love creating healthy recipes and would be happy to discuss creating an original recipe or snack idea using your product and featuring it in a sponsored post on my blog or I can create content for you to post of any of your platforms.

Product Reviews and Giveaways

If you have a product that is a good fit for my blog I can offer an honest and thorough review and giveaway of your product.

Brand Ambassador Programs

I love building long-term relationships with brands I respect.  As an ambassador I am happy to work with you on a continual basis to promote new products and promotions, reviews products, share sponsored posts, and host giveaways for your products. I am currently a brand ambassador for KIND Snacks, ToeSox, and Cousin Corporation.

Conferences, Press Trips, Retreats

 I live in the Philadelphia suburbs but enjoy traveling! I would be open to discussing opportunities to represent your company for brand retreats, events, conferences or press trips.   

Please contact me to discuss any potential partnership opportunities and I would be happy to share rates and my current media kit stats!