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Your Whims Wednesday #351 {And Features}

Time for another Your Whims Wednesday Party!

Here are some of my favorites from last weeks party:

Raspberry S'More Bars by The Simple Sweet Life
Tray with three cut s'more bars mixed with uncut bars

Paper Hot Air Balloons by Abbotts at Home on Hazel & Gold Designs
Wall view of Hot Air Balloons with text.
Grapefruit, Shrimp and Couscous Salad by 5 Minutes for Mom
Grapefruit, Shrimp and Couscous Salad Recipe with Honey lime dressing

Gingham Summer Dress by The Sweetest Clementine

Lemon Yogurt Cake by Treat and Trick
Easy Lemon Yogurt Cake Recipe @ treatntrick.blogspot.com

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Now... onto this weeks party!

Your Whims Wednesday #350 {And Features}

Time for another Your Whims Wednesday Party!

Here are some of my favorites from last weeks party:

Lemon Raspberry Mimosas by Delightful E Made
Mimosas brought to a whole new, glorious level! These Lemon Raspberry Mimosas are made with fresh raspberries, lemoncello liqueur, and topped off with a Champagne Rosé. Your brunch just got even more fabulous!

DIY Spring Floral Wreath by Domestically Creative

Fresh Dill Egg Salad by Crafting A Family
Egg Salad on a Croissant | Dill Egg Salad

Faux Milkglass DIY by Exquisitely Unremarkable
Thrifted And DIY Milk Glass Pieces

Slow Cooker Apricot Chicken by Fivespot Green Living
Healthy Recipe Easy Slow Cooker Apricot Chicken

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Now... onto this weeks party!

My Girlish Whims Book Club #7

I've had TWO meet ups of my in person book club since I last posted the round-up of my reads! Time to catch up on what I've been reading and where my book club has been socializing lately :)

This February we switched things up and visited Pinot's Palette in Collegeville to discuss the book The Wife Between Us and to do a wine and paint night! It was fun to do an activity together but I think honestly for book clubs in the future I will just stick to restaurants. I'm not naturally a very good artist (even though I'm very crafty!) so I actually had to really focus on the instructions to get my painting to turn out ok. I just wanted to relax and drink wine and chat about the book haha. At least I got to take cute painting home at the end of it!

For March, we met up to discuss The Woman in the Window at Bahama Breeze in King of Prussia over dinner and drinks. We were lucky that it was one of the first days in PA that actually felt like SPRING and we were all seated around a large table with a fire pit with lots of open windows.

Bahama Breeze definitely got my vote for some of the best cocktails we've ever had at book club! This was a coconut pineapple martini which was soooo refreshing and some of the other girls got flights of mini margaritas and even drinks that came in a pineapple!

We just met at Bahama Breeze last week and it was nice to get into the island spirit because by the time this post goes live...I will be on my way to Jamaica for vacation for a few days. Wohoo!!! I plan on doing LOTS of reading on my trip (I'm in the middle of one book right now and have three more to take along!) so I definitely need to catch up on the last books I read so I can fill you in on all my vacation reads when I get back :) Without further ado: here are my most recent reads!

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The Wife Between Us

By Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkan. Synopsis from Amazon:

When you read this book, you will make many assumptions.
You will assume you are reading about a jealous ex-wife.
You will assume she is obsessed with her replacement – a beautiful, younger woman who is about to marry the man they both love.
You will assume you know the anatomy of this tangled love triangle.
Assume nothing.

Twisted and deliciously chilling, Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen's The Wife Between Us exposes the secret complexities of an enviable marriage - and the dangerous truths we ignore in the name of love.
Read between the lies.

First things first: yes, I really liked this book.  I’m just disappointed because from all the buzz and press I heard about it I thought I was going to be BLOWN AWAY by this book, and that was not the case.  The storyline was interesting, the characters were really well developed, but I feel like the twists ended up being over the top.  There was one twist in the middle of the novel that I did NOT see coming and it really caught me off guard and made the second half of the book really interesting.  But then a few more twists kept on surfacing towards the end of the book that I just thought were unnecessary and overly dramatic and did not really add anything to the story. There was so much build up to revealing certain things in Nellie’s past (like why she was so jumpy/nervous all the time) and I just was not that satisfied with the explanation/event for what caused that.  I was still super intrigued by the mystery in the book and really enjoyed the read, I just thought it could have been slightly better.  Regardless, I hear it’s being made into a movie and I will definitely want to watch it!

Your Whims Wednesday #349 {And Features}

Time for another Your Whims Wednesday Party!

Here are some of my favorites from last weeks party:

Mexican Chorizo Breakfast Skillet by Domestically Creative

Spring Wreath from a Plate Charger by Refresh Living 
This is a great idea on how to make a inexpensive DIY spring wreath using a thrift store find. For less than $5, you can make a custom spring front door decoration!

Sous Vide Fried Chicken Chik-Fil-A Style by The Bearded Hiker
Sous vide fried chicken, Chick-Fil-A style!

DIY Wall Sconce by The Handyman’s Daughter  
DIY wall sconce with text overlay

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Now... onto this weeks party!

Single Serving Macro-Friendly Carrot Cake

A single serving cake that is less than 320 calories and packed full of protein for a healthy and super satisfying dessert!

Have you ever wanted to sit down and eat an entire cake all to yourself with no guilt???

Oh...ok just me? Hah. Nah, I don't need a whole regular size cake to myself, that may be a bit excessive.  But a single serving cake that is still a large serving size that not only tastes great but is packed full of protein??? Yup, SIGN ME UP FOR THAT ONE.

You can use the basics of this recipe to create various other flavor cakes but I made this version of high protein cake into a healthy carrot cake! Carrot cake is one of my favorite desserts ever (as long as it doesn't have raisins in it. SERIOUSLY. Who would ruin an amazing carrot cake by stuffing shriveled up grapes in it???) and with Easter right around the corner I figured a healthy and high protein carrot cake recipe would definitely be appreciated.

Most years at Easter I give myself free reign to enjoy all the yummy treats at brunch with my family, but this year Easter falls on the Sunday right before I leave for vacation in JAMAICA (!!!) so I want to keep a little better track of what I'm eating  since only four days after the holiday I'll be lounging in a bikini in Jamaica soaking up the sun :) I'm definitely thinking that this little mini cake will be the perfect Easter treat for me: who has to feel deprived when you can eat a whole cake for less than 320 calories which INCLUDES the cream cheese frosting!

You will need mini cake pans to make this cake: for size reference I used pans that were 4 inches in diameter which I bought off amazon for less than $7 for a set of three (affiliate link). Since this is a mini cake it only takes 10 minutes to bake so it can easily be whipped up when the craving for cake strikes! 

Each of the three mini cakes gets layered with a healthy cream cheese frosting so each slice is full of both delicious cake and the sweet creamy frosting for a totally epic dessert.  Last but not least: if you are following a high protein diet this cake with the frosting packs a heaping 39 grams of protein in it! Have I convinced you yet that you NEED to try this??? I think I've convinced myself that I need to make this again even before Easter ;) YUM!!!

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