Things I'll Miss While in College

So, i'm frantically throwing all of my belongings into suitcases as I prepare to trek back to college tomorrow, but thought I would stop quick to share some of my favorite things from home...

Our cute little puppy, curled up here in my messy sheets.

My man, and kisses in the snow. Hehe! :) 

My adorable little niece Miley

My mother's cricket machine, and the TONS of cartridges she has for it.

And, the family sewing machine. Now that I've gotten on this whole sewing kick, I'll miss having this around!

Ah, how I will miss all these and many more things... But don't worry, I'll still be crafting while at school and have a couple tutorials coming up for things I've made to decorate my dorm room.  Stay tuned! :)

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