Cafeteria Creativity: Pickle Sandwich Bites

So, eating in the same college cafeteria every day for every meal gets a little old after awhile.  So, I'm starting a new topic of blog posts on Cafeteria Creativity. Using the basic ingredients that the cafeteria provides and making something different with them!

So, college kids, hope you find this helpful. And even if your not in college, maybe it will still provide some ideas :)

Todays food item is Pickle Sandwich Bites!

Before you get all grossed have to believe me. They are SO good. I first tried them at boyfriends house. His mom makes them around the holidays and I thought they sounded disgusting. But now I'm addicted to them.  Here's how I make them at school and where I find the ingredients at my cafeteria:

-Pickles (can find them at the grill when they have grilled sandwiches)
-Ham (sandwich bar)
-Cream cheese (by the bagels and toaster)

Step 1: Spread your cream cheese onto a slice of ham

Step 2: Roll the ham and cheese up

Sorry for the crappy pics...took them with my phone during lunch
Step 3: Cut the roll-up into bite size pieces

Step 4: Place between two pickle slices. There ya go! A pickle/ham/cream cheese sandwich. Yummmm.

These are great as appetizers and are perfect finger food.  I've also seen them done put together the reverse way like on this the blog Rogers Family Recipes

My friends always make fun of me for making these because they think they will be gross. If they tried them though I know they would become a fan....let me know if you do! :)


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  2. I already know those will be amazing when I try them.... I LOVE pickles.

  3. That looks surprisingly good! I may have to try this...

    And you live in Telford?! Thanks for finding me :) I don't know any "neighbor bloggers"!!