Have I Ever Mentioned I'm Super Excited to have Babies??

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So here's the thing. I'm only 20. But I really wish I could have babies like, tomorrow. 

I mean I don't reallyyyyy because of my current state, aka, not married, still in school, etc. But still. I wishhhhh I could.  I know I know I'm supposed to enjoy my youth and prime of my life yada yoo...and I am. But I'm enjoying it while being excited for BABIES someday. 

Before babies, obvi, comes pregnancy. In my mind right now I picture pregnancy as this 9 month magical, joyous, stars and rainbows and wishes, bliss-filled time of baby cooking. Even though I know its full of stretch marks and squished bladders and swollen feet I like to forget all those things and focus on my figurative idea of pregnancy. Extra heavy on the stars and rainbows and wishes. 

This Halloween I dressed up as a sugar momma. (Get it? Cause I have sugar around my neck and i'm preggers?? Give me a break. I didn't have much to work with) 

I learned that general mobility is difficult, but possible... 

I'm "dancing" if you couldn't tell
 ...that  the little baby shelf is very handy....

...that I should forget about ever seeing my feet again....

...and that I have NO FREAKING CLUE how pregnant people bend over. I mean I only had a pillow in there so it was bendy, and I was still have issues!!!

Haha, it was fun.  

Boyfriend doesn't want to have babies until he is 30, which is eight whole years from now!!!  *Cries* So far away.  

For now, I shall let my inner baby-lover express itself through spoiling my niece and oggling over all the bloggers who post pics of their adorable babies. 

That's right ladies. I stalk your blog for your baby pictures.

I know where my priorities lie.


  1. Hehehe! Awesome costume!
    I can relate, I'm 23 and would like to start a family, hmm, yesterday please! But alas, lack of $$$ makes that unrealistic just now! Aaaand I guess I better finish my PhD first, heh. Priorities!

  2. I'm 23 and pregnant and trust me it's as hard as everyone says! LOL Not to say I don't feel very blessed, but school, working, ect has been alot harder. Your still young so soak it up while you can =] Plus once you get preggy all those cute clothes you have just wont be the same ya know.

  3. We sound similar. I went to college and cruised through it in 3 years taking as many classes as I could...just so I could get married. I knew I wanted to be a wife and mother, and we were pregnant within a year. I didn't get to quit my job until the boys were 5 and 3, but got there :) LOVE your Sugar Momma idea. Makes total sense ;)

  4. mike told us yesterday (when there was a cute baby in our general vicinity) while we were eating lunch, that don't wish for babies too hard, cause you can develop this condition where you believe you're preggo and your body is tricked into the normal signs of pregnancy (you get fat, lose period, etc) and then no baby comes out in 9 months. it happened at the hospital where he was working.

  5. TOo funny! Yeah, bending over is a no go. It doesn't happen. You will either wear slip on shoes throughout most of your pregnancy or ask someone to tie/buckle your shoes for you. And don't forget one other thing: by the time you get to the kitchen and make that bowl of cereal you will be too exhausted to exert the effort it takes to eat it.

  6. Ha! I am also obsessed with having babies and I'm 23! All of my friends are having babies so atleast I can get my baby fever out on snuggling some babies whenever I need!

  7. Ha ha. I think the best thing about being pregnant was being able to set my plate on my belly while I ate.

  8. When you're pregnant, you can't bend over. I remember it took me 30 minutes to tie the shoe laces on my rubber shoes when I was pregnant because I couldn't reach my feet :)

  9. Today I visited Goodwill for the first time since moving here in Jluy! Found a few fun treasures!

    Following you now as a fellow Spring Flinger!