A Weekend in Ohio

So this weekend some of my college friends and I went to a cabin in Ohio for a break from the grind at my college. Here are some memorable moments.

Before we hit the road we picked up some groceries at ALDIs. Can I just say that ALDIs is my new favorite grocery store in the whole entire world? I only had to pay $4.25 cents for my share of the food for the whole weekend. 

My favorite find was 29 cent macaroni and cheese. 29 cents. 
I was a little excited about this Mac and Cheese. Probably because it's my favorite food.
Real classy, I know.

We stayed at this total man cabin.  Cameo couches and dead animals galore

Crappy pic of me but this deer pelt creeped me out all weekend. I mean it was just siting on the couch. Dead deer fur. ICK.

We all went snowmobiling. I looked super attractive in my borrowed cameo pants and super puffy coat that I only wear when it's really cold out.

Played some poker

And to make-up for all my un-girly activities for the weekend I took charge of cooking for everyone (you would be surprised how helpless college kids can be at making basic food...)
Too bad I made some messes in the process...

Must remember to keep lid on sauce or keep it low enough so that it does not boil and go everywhere including all over my clothes...

Fun times with good friends. I worked on a new necklace and headband during our game of Disney Monopoly (I know, we are very mature) that I'll be sharing later on. For now....back to homework!


  1. Your blog is so cute, girlie!! And I love the pics :) Cooking is more fun with messes, anyway!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog & your thoughtful comment!

  3. Love your blog. I'm a new follower from Follow Me Chickadee. Feel free to check out my blog.

  4. He did a great job! Those are pretty... my hubby and I were long distance when we started dating... it was hard, but worth it! :) Thanks for coming to my blog- I am off to check yours out now!

  5. oops I thought I was commenting on the flower post... well anyway that comment was supposed to be for that one! sorry!