Confessions: Coffee, Zombies, and Papers

Confession #1: I put ridiculously large amounts of sugar in my coffee. I love coffee, but I'm kinda a wimp.

Yeah, I put that all in one cup of coffee. Don't even try to count them. It's embarrassing

Confession #2: I love fiancé sooo much (PS-still feels weird typing fiancé haha) that I made him and his friends zombie fighting vinyls for their cars with my Silhouette.

He was very excited
I was are actually going to put this on your car...that you drive public??
Didn't you guys know that zombies are a real threat to humanity???? *Sigh* Video games. Boys. This totally gave me lots of good fiancée points though.   

EDITED. totally just got pointed out that I spelled assault wrong. man! Silhouette needs a spell check...

Confession #3: Whenever I try to start writing my paper for school that's due after break, I just start doodling wedding ideas. 

Exhibit A: Save the Date.
Curious??? Rough sketch. Details to come. I actually have to figure out a date and location before I can make save the dates.  Figures, huh? Haha. 

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  1. You are so stinkin' adorable.
    My husband puts that much sugar in his coffee too. WUSSIES. Although...if you used creamer, then you wouldn't have to use that much sugar. That's what I do.
    I'm sort of a wussy too.

  2. My husbands best friend would kill for those zombie cutouts, he's obsessed with zombie stuff!

    I love the wedding doodles, you're too cute. :)


  3. Alright my new bff! Although, I don;t like coffee. Can we still be friends!

    You have got to be my next guest blogger. And Congrats on getting married! I am now you newest follower!

  4. A guy I work with uses no less than 10 sugar packets. Another guy used to use 4 Sweet n Lows. I like it sweet too, but not THAT sweet, lol.

  5. Its alright I love half and half with a splash of coffee ;)

  6. I used to put a ton of sugar in my coffee when I first started drinking it, now I just use a ton of creamer instead. :-) Also, those zombie decals are AWESOME! Zombies ARE a real threat to humanity. Yep, I am a dork and I know it. Within my group of friends, the coming zombie apocalypse is a constant topic of conversation: where will we go, what weapons would we use, whose house is the most defensible, etc. :-)

  7. I'm a coffee wimp too! I need sugar and cream. And I need spell check throughout my life. I am awful. And since learning French, I have just gotten worse. I mix now. lol And love the wedding ideas!

  8. The Zombie decals are hilarious! Amazing Boyfriend was asking me all about making decals for his truck the first time he watched me use vinyl on anything.

    And I'm a coffee wuss, too, so we can still be friends ;)

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