Goldfish & Manicures. Aka: Random Blog Post.

Well, I made it home for a week of Easter break! Horray! Had the scariest moment ever driving home though. Didn't see someone in my blind spot, almost merged into them when trying to change lanes and then swerved out of the way and lot control of the car and spun out on the highway. Worst experience ever. I was SO lucky though. Everyone stayed out of the way, I stayed on the road, and all my passengers were ok. Now I feel like the worst driver ever though cause I put all those people at risk with me :( Car scars are the worst!!

In happier news....

Not having a harp lesson for 2 weeks means I can grow my nails out! Hello pretty pink manicure: 

Shh look at it from farther away and it looks better. I'm not the best nail painter haha

Also hello pretty new pink ring I made:
Got the tut here; their's looks better though...I need practice

And hello lunch of choice for the day:

Food choices were slim pickins at my house today...How old am I again? 20? or 2? Haha. These were probably actually meant for my 2 year old niece. Check her out wearing some of my jewelry and random curlers she found:

SO CUTE. I can't wait to have babies.

That's all. Happy Saturday everyone :)


  1. Super cute, can't wait to get a manicure when I get back to the states! And I made some earrings today, I think you would be proud of me. I was thinking of you while I did them!!

  2. Oh wo I am so glad you are ok. That is a super scary thing. Oh a happier note your nails look amazing Love them.. Hugs and I am glad you are safe.

  3. Look at that cutie!
    Girl, I did THE SAME THING one time in my car. Merged into a lane and didn't see the chick in my blind spot. Then over corrected. I almost had a heart attack.
    Or pooped in my pants.

  4. goldfish for lunch is the best. Try Annies Cheddar Bunnies, even better!

  5. Hi, I'm your newest follower! I had fun looking through your cute blog :-)

    xoxo Bonnie