This is How I Feel About....My Snuggie

Now, for all you Snuggie haters. We need to get a few things straight. 

I love my snuggie. And you should too.

You may have seen this lovely pic up on my blog before:

My snuggie and I are TIGHT. Accessories and everything.  

Pretty much whenever I'm blogging/studying, this is the view my roommate has of me from across the desk:

Big puffy headphones listening to my favorite Pandora station, and my snuggie. These are the essentials. 

For all you snuggie haters out there, let's get a few things straight.  You may laugh at the commercials, but have you ever actually TRIED a snuggie? I remember that fateful day for me like it was yesterday...

I was watching a movie in my friends room. It was cold. I borrowed a blanket. It was a snuggie! All through the movie I was kept snuggly warm. BZZZZ. BZZZZ.  Oh, text from boyfriend. Man, I don't want to take my hands out from under the warm blanket to answer. OH WAIT. MY BLANKET HAS SLEEVES. Answered text. Warm snuggly feeling kept. Love between girl and blanket was born.

Seriously, after you've tried a snuggie, you won't go back.

Personally, I think this has been a long time coming. Let's think of this in practical terms. By 1997, humans had landed on the moon and cell phones and computers had been invented. However, no one had the brains to add some sleeves to a blanket until 1998.  Give yourself a pat on the back for that one civilization.  

Honestly. It's as great as they make it out to be in the commercials.  Even boyfriend has worn my snuggie (pink and all):

sorry, crappy phone pic
Now, I do admit that the advertising is pretty funny for the snuggie. And they suggest uses that really are not practical. 

Really? Pub Crawls?

don't be jealous of my photoshop skills. I've actually been here before though! It's in Ireland.
I'm not thinking I would really fit in...

But, for wearing around the house, my snuggie is totally my blanket of choice. So, stop hating, and give it a try. It will change your life least until you want to change the TV channel.


  1. OMG you are too funny. And I'm not gonna knock your snuggle since I have one in zebra print.

  2. I understand your logic....but I still just can't... I just see those people at a soccer game wearing their snuggies. And the guy sitting on the couch who doesn't know how the remote works because he's not wearing a snuggie. I'd be a hypocrite at this point if I got one....But a sleeved blanket is highly appealing...I could knit without freezing.......

  3. I love my snuggie! I don't leave the house with it, but I am considering it! LOL!!! My snuggie is the time they only came in BLUE! I may need to get an upgrade to a prettier color!

  4. I have a Snuggie and honestly it is my favorite thing in the world!

  5. Snuggie!!!
    Don't have it, but I am always wrapped in a blanket like a burrito... :D
    Pretty close.

  6. LOL @ Night Time Pub Crawls! How awesome would it be to make everyone on the crawl wear a snuggie?!