My Study Abroad Travels: City of Clisson

As you may or may not remember me mentioning, fall semester I studied abroad in France and have slowly been sharing the photos of my travels with you all! Today I'm going to show you pictures of the cute little town of Clisson!

Clisson is a BEAUTIFUL city that four friends and I went to visit one Saturday. It was about a twenty minute train ride from Nantes, and cost like 4 euros each way. I love European travel.

Just check out this beauty!!

We got there kind of early and nothing was really open...except the French bakery of course! Yum.

Being Americans...and tourists.....out on our own....we visited the tourist office. 

They were nice enough to call up a local vineyard and ask if they would give us a tour.  The vineyard agreed, and we set off. Passed some pretty scenery for sure!

After way too much walking for my little high-heeled tootsies (what was I thinking???) we got to the vineyard.

We got a nice personalized tour of the facility, and then got to enjoy the tasting room :)

After the vineyard we explored the rest of the town. Doesn't this tree look like it came straight from The Lion King or something?? 

And this castle looks so cool with the clouds above.

There was lots of pretty scenery around to get good pictures!!

We even got to go to a French bead store! I was in heaven.

I bought a pretty key charm and made it into a necklace.

I have so many more pictures to share of other towns, hope you don't mind traveling to Europe with me around once a week so I can share!!


  1. Oh man this makes me miss it! And I have only been home a couple weeks. Definitely keep sharing, I love your pictures!

  2. Awesome!! Yes keep sharing since I probably won't ever get to go!!

  3. ou est la office de tourisme? ;)

  4. that place looks so beautiful!
    and I adore your Key Charm Necklace! I'm jealous of it.

  5. Beautiful photos!! Love the necklace you made!

  6. I love your pictures. Keep sharing them please.

  7. So cool! I can't wait to see more! :)