Preliminary Wedding Planning!!

So....I thought I'd share what I have figured out for the WEDDING (*squeal*) so far. PSST read about the engagement here

We will be getting married on February 25th, 2012, 299 days from now!! not that I have a countdown on my desktop or anything....

We still have to figure out what church to have the ceremony in (probably the church I've gone to since in diapers) and will be having the reception at a place called The Meadows.

I am SO excited about the reception venue. As we will be getting married as just-out-of-college kids, we will not have the biggest budget in the world, and The Meadows looks beautiful and gave us a GREAT price.  Having an off season wedding definitely helped that!!

These are the two rooms I can pick from:

Pretty, eh? Especially for the price we got :) I love the chair covers and sashes in the first pic too, I feel like it makes it so much more formal looking.  I think we will be in the second room, it has two fire places on either end of the room that you can't see in the picture, but I think they will be a nice touch for a winter wedding. It can hold up to 250 people, but we will only be having about 100-120. I think it will be nice to have room to mingle around though. PS: Want to read a soap box about reception places and people at the knot? Read the very end.

For colors, I've decided on three: eggplant, bright pink, and silver.


  FiancĂ© wants to be in silver so he can look like James Bond when we get married (boys) and I think my bridesmaids will look pretty in a deep purple/eggplant color. 

First dress source, second dress source

Not these exact dresses, but a color similar to one of these. I'll use the bright pink in the flowers and in my DIY decorating crafts!!!

Of course I've thought about my dress as well...I'd like to find a dress with a fitted corset/top half, and a little bit of poof on the bottom. I'm not a fan of all over beading or lace, but do like one accent of something that sparkles haha. 

Here are some examples of what I'm thinking:

Alfred Angelo
David's Bridal
Maggie Sottero
I think the last one is soooo out of my price range (mine is $500ish-$600ish) but I think it's sooo gorgeous.  I think I'll set up appointments to check out David's Bridal and Alfred Angelo over the summer to not spend $1000s on the dress!

Eck! Wedding planning is so much fun! I'll be sharing more soon I'm sure :)

OK soapbox: Didn't want to put this in the midst of the entry but wanted to get this off my chest haha. I posted on the community boards of the knot when we were hunting around looking for reception sites to see if anyone knew of cheap sites in the area.  When I told then my price so many people reacted so negatively to me!! This one lady ircked me so bad, she said that we should wait all the way until next summer so we can do it outside or put it off even longer to save up money. Excuse me miss. A: I love me some fiancĂ©, and I'd don't want to hold off my loving any longer than I have too just to get married outside since you think it is impossible to find a nice, reasonably priced venue. B: No way am I going to put off the wedding even longer just to save up to have an extravagant wedding. I would rather save that money up for a house one day!! I was able to find a beautiful reception site that gave me a GREAT deal and now I only have to wait 10 months. No, I won't be serving filet mignon, but I also won't be going into debt over one day of my life (even though it will be the happiest yet!!). I know my wedding will be BEAUTIFUL, even on our small budget.  :)  Haha so sorry about that...knot people just irked me.


  1. Some people are rude...just take it with a grain of salt. My wedding was super low budget but you know what? The most important part of it was free. Good luck! Mignon shmigon I say!

  2. I know your wedding will be a spectacular day! Shawn is a great guy.

  3. For reals. The best part about your day is NOT what you can buy. It's totally do-able to have a budget friendly wedding!! You have plenty of time to make what you can and seek out the best prices too! Have fun with it!!!

  4. The place you found looks fantastic!! You're so right about not going into debt over one day of your life. I always wonder why people do that.

  5. Rebecca, Don't listen to what those crazy people say- they are focused on the wrong things. You're getting married at a great time too- super personalized weddings are most definitely in. With the way that trends are right now, you can do so much on your own and make it much more personalized, for a whole lot less. Trust me- I look back on my wedding and wish that I would have done more things on my own to make it more personalized that I did. Instead, I spent more money on things that I didn't really care that much about. Keep asking yourself, "Do I personally know someone who can do this for much cheaper?" and "Can I realistically do this on my own?" You are so creative, that I don't think you'll have a problem there. Here are a few blogs of people who have done amazing things on their own:
    Good luck!!!!

  6. Rebecca, Congratulations on the upcoming wedding everything looks GORGEOUS! Just wanted to let you know I gave you an award over on my blog!

  7. You are right! No need to spend a fortune, it's one day! I got married on a Friday too and it ended up saving us over $2500 because we got a ton of discounts! Also my thought was make/ do anything I can and my splurge was on photography because that's the only thing you really keep.

  8. I love the 2nd wedding gown from David's Bridal.

    Those wedding forums, I got married without ever participating in any of those. When I was reading some forums, I got the impression that most women there (most, not all, just in case a wedding forum afficionado reads this) are there just to brag about who their wedding planners are, who's making their dress, their flowers, etc. They are focused too much on the wedding, not the marriage.

  9. people in this country think you have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on weddings. THe people that treated you rudely are just snobs. You are smart to not want to get into debt. I can't believe one lady told you to wait longer to save $! Audacious.
    Also I like the bridesmaids dresses.

  10. I love the second venue photo with the exposed beams, it will be gorgeous. You have a lot of great selections:)

    I did my entire wedding for $2000 dollars. I got a deal on EVERY aspect of the wedding except the dress (that my husband told me I HAD to buy)
    I got married in an LDS Temple, and that was the most important part to me... the fact that I was finally married to the man I loved. Everything else I stressed over was gone.
    Luckily we had a church reserved for the reception that was supposed to be outside. We had rain, snow, and a rainbow on our wedding day:)
    I am glad that you don't want to go into debt for one albeit important day in your life. Do what you want, it's your day.

  11. Okay, first off...that is SO freaking snobby. The MARRIAGE is more important than the wedding. You can do a lot of nice things for cheap. That reception venue is going to be gorgeous, I can tell.
    If you know how much I spent on my entire wedding you would be shocked. I think my dress was 250 and I loved it. Still do.
    Those snots at the Knot can SHUT IT.

  12. Can't wait to hear more about your wedding! Those dresses all looked very you (at least what I can tell from your blog :) ). Everybody's already say it but it has to be said, the knot snots are lame.

  13. 1. HOW RUDE of those people!! Don't let them get to you for a second...your wedding will be fabulous!!

    2. I've been to 2 weddings at The inside and one outside...loooove it!!

    3. Those colors are SO you!

    4. The wedding dresses make me want to get married all over again!

    5. I'm done now. LOVE that you're getting married and I get to see all of this stuff again! :)

  14. Congratulations Rebecca! Im so excited to see more of your upcoming plans! I'm glad I started following you!

    <3 Justine

  15. These are beautiful girlie!! I love sharing photos! ^.^