Floral Dresses Make Me Happy

Just a quick outfit post showing my favorite summer staple. Floral dresses!!!!!! 

 Dress: Aeire. Belt: H&M. Cardi: Old Navy. Shoes: France. 

And who doesn't love a skinny belt. mh hmm. 

And taking pictures of themself like a noob in the bathroom mirror....

I liked this outfit because I could wear it to work with heals and a sweater but afterwards I ditched the sweater and grabbed some flip flops and I was ready for a night of pizza, snuggling, and watching the IT Crowd with fiance.

Extra plus about floral: great at hiding that 15 pound lump of weight gain from France fall semester eating too many pain au chocolates that STILL won't go away. bleck. time to go wheeze jog around the neighborhood I suppose.

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  1. Hehe! You said noob! :) This is one really cute outfit on one really cute girl!

  2. You look very nice - I love floral prints too!
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  3. Hey I'm all about anything that will hide the hi I've had three kids look I've got going on. You look awesome! Love the shoes!

  4. You always look so stinking adorable! LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress.

  5. Thanks for the comment! Your dress is so cute! I love it with the belt!

  6. Love the floral dress! The sweater and skinny belt make it that much more amazing!! Found you via momma go round

  7. Floral dresses are so cute! The belt is such a great addition. It's making me want to go shopping. lol.

  8. I love the outfit and I love that you called yourself a noob. LOL

  9. LOVE the dress! And it looks totally cute with the belt :) and I'm a total n00b and take pics in my bathroom mirror ;)

  10. Lovely dress on you!! You look great!! I'm a sucker for floral dresses ;)))

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Very cute dress! Love the sweater and belt, too!

  12. Found you through The Pleated Poppy link up...you are just too adorable :) I LOVE the outfit and your site. Girly = Me too!! lol


  13. Very cute dress! Love the floral print!