Last night fiance and I went to register! I was very excited. We choose the promised land to do our main registering at:

Ohh yeah. I love me some target.

I was actually a little nervous about registering because the boy and I have very different styles (aka, I have one, he doesn't. sorry dear) and I thought it would be a whole lot of arguing. But everything actually worked out fine! And not much arguing at all :)

I let him do the honors of scanning the very first item: a microwave! Very exciting.

And then I scanned the second item...a vacuum cleaner! And then I hogged the gun for the rest of the trip and made the boy hold the list haha.

We decided to purchase our comforter awhile, because the wedding is still awhile away and we weren't sure if this one we liked would still be there when people went to get us gifts. Then we registered for matching sheets and stuff. Plus we had some "couple" money from our engagement for us to spend. I was very excited for our first "this is for our life together" purchase. 

This is the bedding we got:

Pretty, eh?? We're going to go with a silver/navy theme in the bedroom.

Here are some of the other goodies we put on the list:
 The most expensive item by far was the $250 Kitchen Aid mixer. Fiance thought it was frivolous. I told him every girl dreams of one day owning her own Kitchen Aid mixer. Plus, if he ever wanted homemade baked goods this was a must. I'm not a hand mixer kinda gal.
 I also registered for a sewing machine!! Yay!! Now I just need to learn how to sew something besides pillows....

Look at this beauuuutiful shower curtain we found. Love. It's going to make me want to shower every day. Well, I do already. But....still....ok. nvm. 

Our main registry is at target but we're also going to have an amazon wish list for some random things. A little unconventional I guess for wedding registries, but we don't care. We love amazon. Plus, they have that new button so now you can add things to your amazon list from anywhere on the web! Currently I have this super cute apron on there:

And this patchwork squirrel kit from etsy. Maybe I should take that off. Especially since the instructions are in Japanese. dagnabit.


  1. we went to target to register too! :) and guess what--my hubs picked out the same bedding. head on over to my blog and click the tab "our house" to see pics of our bedroom with that killer bedding! good choice :) excited for you as you prepare for your marriage!

    katie@little things bring smiles

  2. The kitchenaid is not frivolous. That is just plain wrong. It turns any girl into a wonderful baker. He's gonna love the yummies you bake using that thing. We got two for our wedding but my hubs would only let me keep one. Darn him. I'd have liked the set.

  3. This is such an exciting time for you. Enjoy all of it.

  4. Ohhhh the "Targ" everyone's happy place!! It's magical in there!!!

    New follower!

  5. How fun! I love your bedding and I totally want to get that apron, so cute!!!

    Can't wait until you start getting presents in the mail, that's the best part!


  6. hahaha every girl has to have a kitchen aid. Tell him you won't make him anything if you don't get one. Have a great cinnmon roll recipe somewhere on my blog that works awesome in the kitchen aid. Love the bedding! Hope you had a great time. congrats again!

  7. I have that same exact bedspread! Great taste.;)

  8. Yay for registering! It's so fun! Smart cookie adding a sewing machine!! And yes the Kitchen Aid is just about every bride's dream!! I'm still dreaming......
    Congrats! So excited for you!

  9. How fun! I love the kitchen aid mixer. The flat black is really pretty.

  10. oh my gosh how fun!!! we got that same kitchenaid for our wedding!! what a blast!!