Where You can Find me These Days

So, I'm working on getting social media icons for my blog. But before then, I wanted to give you a heads up of wear I'm hanging out away from blogger lately!

I've become newly obsessed with Pinterest.

You too?? Cool!! You can find me on there HERE

I've also been twittering is up lately. My last tweet was about the coffee delivery guy who asked me out at work today.  I flashed him the diamond and turned him down, but still made me feel good about myself...
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Lastly, I'm still rocking out on facebook as well. PS. I only need three more followers until I make it to 100 on there!! 

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Finally, I've also become a blogger for Wedloft, a wedding blog by www.weddingwindow.com. My first post for them was on Thursday! 

Check it out HERE

Ok ok that's enough of me all over the web for now :)  Happy Friday everyone! I'm off to go swimming hot/tubing. Wahoo! Toooo bad my only bathing suit at the moment has a bleech stain right on the bum. goshdangit. 


  1. I've been on Pinterest more than blogger lately. More that facebook. More than real life. It's highly addictive and I suggest to anyone eating and using the bathroom before you sit down to pin. You'll thank me later.

  2. I don't understand pinterest. LOL