My Purse is Going to be 5,000 Pounds When I'm a Mom

I bought a new purse yesterday. I go through love-hate phases with my bags. First I love them. Then I get tired of never being able to find anything in them because they are so big. So I hate them. Set aside for six months. Pick up again, love it. Then they break. Sad.

This purse had gone through the whole love/hate relationship cycle at least twice. I got it as a graduation present from highschool from two friends. It's very big, which is nice, because I can keep lots of junk it it. It's also very big, which sucks, because I can NEVER find my keys when I need them.

Cute flowery bag had seen better days....

The reason my purse is going to be 5,000 pounds when I'm a mom is because I already carry around so much crap just for me! Add on some babies and stuff they need and I'll never be able to hoist my bag off the ground!!

I documented the things I tote around with me while switching purses for your viewing pleasue.

First: the largest items.
-Novel: The Fountain Head by Ayn Rand. You never know when you will have some down time!
-Water bottle: Me and hydration are good friends
-Ugly pair of scrapped up sunglasses I keep going back to because all my new ones break.

 -Body cream
-Lancome foundation
-Contact case
-Broken comb/mirror contraption
-Floss: this has come in handy SO many times
-Mini Scope

Handy Things: 
 -Super powerful flashlight
-Altoids tin full of Advil/cold medicine/band-aids
-Mini sewing kit. Never actually used this. I still carry it around just in case.
-Orbit spearmint gum. My fave.

The Random Items;
-Dirty tissues and old gum wrappers
-Sonic mints...I can't remember the last time I was at Sonic....Ew.
-Hair tie, clip
-Ear buds
-Pen, pencil
-Mini notebook 

The Lip Glosses
Yes, my lip gloss gets its own category. I found NINE LIP GLOSSES in my bag. I have no idea why I would ever need access to nine lip glosses at once....but it nine people suddenly came to me simultaneously with severely chapped lips, I would totally be prepared. 

Random Jewelry
 The jewelry I get tired of wearing at the end of a long day. I put it in my purse to put away when I get home...and I never do. It's like a second jewelry box with me at all times...

Random Papers
 Old pay stubs, coupons, Enter the Haggis concert ticket

Phew. It was good to purge.

I fit mostly everything into my new bag I got at Kohls. (Sorry Ayn Rand, you didn't make the cut :(...)

Isn't it cute?? Love the ruffles and the over-the-body strap. Distributes that 5,000 pounds out a little better. 

What random things do you carry around? Can anyone beat nine lip glosses???


  1. That's hilarious! My bag is full of crap too. Although I must say, I have 5 kids and almost none of the stuff in my bag is for them.

  2. I am a purse minimalist and I hate shopping for new ones. Like, even more than I hate swimsuit shopping. But my sister has the 5,000 pound purse and I tell her often she'll kill her back with it.

  3. I love that new bag! I got into over the shoulder bags and they are GREAT! Especially for 20 pound textbooks and laptops to take to class. I can't say I can beat 9 lip glosses, but I do carry random toys to give to my kids in my ministry but never take them out. OOPS!

  4. you sound like me! I actually found a flip flop in my purse once time. My hubby was not impressed.

    I always carry big purses. I like to be prepared :)


  5. Remember, when you are a mom, you will have to make room for snacks, a diaper or two, a toy, their water and maybe earplugs too. Hehehe, I thought about cleaning out my "carpet bag" like Mary Poppins (since there's stuff in there that appears magically.....but it takes too long...switching purses for today while my child is at Dad's instead!

  6. LOVE seeing that I'm not the only one...haha!! You do have a little more than I do though...not too much though :)

  7. I hate large purses for this very reason. I never know what I'm going to's kinda scary actually. The nine lip glosses made me laugh. Cute new purse!

  8. Jewelry and lip glosses - oh my. I love that new purse. I've tried little purses but they never hold enough. I bought a new one this summer, but it sure makes it hard to find things.

  9. somehow i always end up with an abundance of lipsticks, gloss, chapstick, in my purse too. It's insane! :)

  10. Love the new purse! You should never go anywhere without a super powerful flashlight...hehe. :) I'm with you on the lip gloss. I always carry a ton, but barely ever where it!

  11. Go to the Dollar Store and pick up some cheap sunglasses cases and small make-up cases to organize your purse. It makes it SO much easier to find what you need.

    In one sunglasses case I can carry mini toothpaste, mini toothbrush, mini lotion, toothpicks, and lipstick. Divide and concur baby!

  12. There was a time when just anything and everything could be found in my bag. Most of the stuff, I hardly ever used. I carried a pair of footwear to work as well ;) My bag started growing so big that it actually became a pain for me. My shoulders started hurting. Now, I try to carry lesser stuff but the size of the bags has not gone any smaller. I love big bags!!
    And hey... you are a sure shot winner with that count of lip gloss... 9!! :D

  13. I'm an oddball. My purse just barely has enough room for my wallet and keys.

  14. I love your new purse. Now I want a new purse. I love purses. I have tryed to use a small purse but most of my purses are like small suitcases. Love you blog

  15. Ah! Your new bag is lovely!! I laughed at your tissue pile!! I carry a big enough purse that I can throw Hunkie's diaper, wipe case, juice cup and snack in right now so I'm 'that mom' already!! I'm wondering about a Jo Tote?

  16. I was reading this last night and it was just too funny... I thought I had purse junk problems but you just made me feel um... normal? :) I have nothing that can beat the nine lip glosses, haha! I love both the old and the new purse by the way.

  17. I only have 4 lip things. And I thought that was too much! LOL
    LOVE the new bag, it's adorable. I was at Kohl's a couple weeks ago and I didn't see that one!
    I love the old one too, though.