Shoe Trends of my Life

Have you ever noticed how many shoe fads there have been in your life? Well, I did today. I decided to write a random blog post on all the "IT" shoes of my life.

The jellies. Man, five years old, give me some candy and my jellies and I was a happy little kid. These were the greatest. Except when it was hot out, and your feet sweat and stuck to the plastic. That was kind of annoying. Perhaps this lead to their downfall....
The three striped Adidas shoe. Yes, count those stripes: THREE. If you had four stripes on your shoes in middle school, you were NOT cool. One girl on my bus had a pair of four striped shoes and she picked the fourth one off to try and fit in. We made fun of her. 

I was a mean child.
The chunky sketcher clog. This is not the exact shoe, I couldn't find one online. But man were these sketcher clogs cool.  The heels were super thick though and they were clogs so man you could hear me clogging around from a mile away. Thunk. thunk. thunk. I might have been loud, but man was I cool in those shoes.
Crocs. Never understood this fad. How can you not look down at your feet and think, why yes there are the ugliest pair of shoes I have ever owned. Bleck.

This is one fad (still ongoing) I was a fan of but never wanted to fork the big bucks over to buy them. Fuggs all the way for me:


$30 bucks at payless. How could I say no?
Toms. This is another fad I have never fallen into. I personally thing they are butt ugly. Sorry Toms lovers. And I know they are supposed to be doing good things in the worlds, so kudos for that, but their strategy is a little deceiving. Toms doesn't actually give children in Africa a Toms shoe every time you buy one of their shoes, they give them a cheap plastic sandal. I had a friend who had a sister to volunteered in Ethopia for a year and they handed out the "Toms" to the kids. Kinda a let down.

Lastly, the heelys. All I can say is, WHY DID THEY NOT HAVE THESE WHEN I WAS A KID!! Would have been so awesome.

So what about you?? What were your biggest shoe fads??


  1. Chucks! My 19yr old DD and I own over 25 different pairs from skeletons to lime green. I even have 2 pair of 4 inch high wedged fake chucks in orange and green...LOL! We scour the thrift stores and by new ones for each other's b-days. DH thinks we are crazy!

  2. Lol I had those exact adidas shoes except in pink. I had totally forgotten about them!

  3. I love crocs! They are the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn! But then again I'm agirl and have worn some pretty darn uncomfortable stuff! LOL

  4. I don't know why but Keds were very popular when I was a kid. My parents bought me the crappy knock offs from Payless and I would draw on the blue keds label on the back of the shoe. I'm sure I fooled a lot of people.

  5. Keds were popular when I was a kid too. And penny loafers, with a penny in them.
    I have those skechers things. They're comfy! The ones you actually have pictured.
    See, jelly's were popular when I was 5 too...but that was in 83. Then when I was 18 they got popular again, which was probably when YOU were 5. Isn't that funny?

  6. Do ballet slippers or jazz shoes count? I used to carry them with me everywhere when I carried much bigger purses. :)

    I didn't start getting into shoes until High School and then I ignored the fads. I was probably one of the only people in my hometown to own a pair of handmade Ferragmo's. Found them in a thrift store and they fit perfectly. Another point to the thrifters!

  7. Kaepas...they were tennis shoes that had these little colored plastic triangles in the side that you could change out. I had them in high top form. You know...1980s style.

  8. Ha!I remember jellies! I had a pair in like EVERY color and man they did get sweaty when it was hot out. Besides those I can recall alot of Keds in my life. Thanks for stopping by earlier to check out my diy bangle bracelet. What cute blog you have!

  9. I'm laughing at the Fuggs!! I've never been brave enough to try some!

  10. Girl, we are the same generation because I remember all of these, too! Do you remember jellies trying to make a comeback in the early 2000s?? In like, adult sizes!