New Earrings in the Shop

Added some new goodies to my Etsy shop today! 

Also, I never officially announced here on the blog, but I now ship everywhere!!! Previously I only shipped to the US, but I finally got around to updating my shipping profiles. So now you can indulge Your Girlish Whims where ever you live :)

Here's what I added today:

Oh...and I also added one bracelet. But I didn't feel like titling this post "new earrings and one lonely bracelet in the shop" here it is as a surprise haha! 

And while I'm doing some shameless self promotion....

Use discount code "4MONTHS" to get 15% off any order until Sunday this week!

PS: The code 4 months because today marks the official 4 month mark until my wedding! It's getting closer!!


  1. I love the pink scroll earrings, they are simple yet divine xx

  2. Oooooh, they're all gorgeous!! :)
    Did you wind the wire around the hoops on the top ones?? That would be so hard!