Project Accessory Episode #1 Review

So, if you read this post you would know that I was super excited for the premier of Project Accessory.

After all the hype I gave it, I figured I might as well share my thoughts on it so far!! 

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The show is set up almost exactly the same as Project Runway is. Designers, host, judges, mentor, challenges, runway show, tacky scripting and all. I mean, come on Project Runway. We all knowwwww one day in fashion you're in, and then the next you're out. You do not need to tell us every stinking episode. Time to get some new script writers and add a little flair. Maybe crack open a thesaurus. Might doya good. Anyway. I digress. 

The show is hosted by Molly Sims and judged by Molly, Ariel Foxman, and Kenneth Cole. Molly does a decent job, but it's kind of hard to fill Heidi Klum's stilettos. I wish she would have tried to make the host role more her own than trying to be exactly like Heidi was.

Same goes for mentor Eva Jeanbart - Lorenzotti

Her time in the workroom with the designers felt kind of awkward. Maybe it's just because she lacks the vocabulary Tim Gunn has. There was no mention of any flotsam or jetsome at any point in the episode. 

For the first challenge the designers were given a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt, and were sent to a storage bin to dig for supplies. Using those supplies they had to make three accessories to dress up the t-shirt and jeans.

Starting with the good. The winning look was done by the contestant Nina. 

I LOVED this necklace, and totally thought she deserved to win. The necklace was made out of parts from a parasol, a rat trap, and matches. Isn't it stunning!!?? She also made a pretty neat belt and ring which I felt was kind of like a throw away....but the necklace was so great that I didn't even care.

The losing look came from designer Cotrice.  
Personally I don't think she entirely deserved to go home. I think the necklace she made was STUNNING, but it was made out of beads from a chandelier, which is kind of lame for the first work-with-funky-materials challenge. The judges mainly sent her home because the look was too much. The funky corset that is holding up the model's boobs with the strangely placed beading was just awful. And then she also colored the tshirt and just made the whole look confusing. 

Also in the top were pieces done by Brian and Diego.
Brian made the belt on the left out of an old couch and teddy bears. Personally, I think anyone who tears apart a cute little teddy bear to make a thow-up-reminiscent belt should be sent to teddy bear jail. Gag. I have no idea why he was in the top. Diego made an awesome clutch and also the necklace above on the right. I loved the necklace because it was made out of spray painted pleather, and on the model on the runway it totally looked like a very expensive metal collar necklace. 

Designer James was in the bottom with these two pieces: 
Which I really hated. They don't look as bad on a mannequin as a real person. Check it out: 

What woman wants to add 2 inches to her hips on either side due to fluffy ugly white flowers? And I don't even think The Little Mermaid would sport THAT many shells around her neck. Personally, I think James deserved to go home over Cotrice, but what do I know. I'm just a DIY crafty blogger gal.  

Overall, I like the show. I think they should have tried to differentiate it from Project Runway a littttle more. Even though both shows have Project in the name does not need mean they have to be twinsies. Come up with some new phrases, switch up the script a bit folks. But, in the end, I'm excited for the new challenges that will be coming up and what looks and DIY ideas I get!

I'll stay tuned for next week. 


  1. I agree with everything you said! Although I kinda liked the belt that Brian made... I wouldn't buy it because like the judges said.. it was bulky and any normal woman would look huge wearing it, but I thought it LOOKED good. And the seashell guy totally should have gone home. It looked like he tied one of those things from Hawaii around her waist!

    Anyways.. glad someone else watched this... even though I forced my husband to sit on the couch with me he didn't watch it, nor would he want to talk about it lol!

    I hate being so negative, but I do NOT like Eva Jeanbart. She is no Tim Gunn, so she shouldn't try to act like it. She reminds me of Romy from Romy and Michelle's high school reunion. I'm not super up to date on the fashion world, but I would never peg her for a "successful" designer.

  2. I missed it because of putting Lil' Hunkie to bed and the world series! Thanks for catching me up! Sounds like you need to be a judge!! I totally agree with you!!

  3. Oh man!!! You are so right, those last couple fluffy things do look better on a mannequin than on the person!
    See, I don't like the style of the winner...I just have never liked that look, but it's amazng what she used to create it, so she def deserves to win!

  4. I guess when you're a size negative 2 you might want to add inches? LOL

  5. I was able to watch it on the website the day after. It was rather painful to watch. They are trying to make it exactly like Project Runway when it's obvious none of the same people are producing it, or participating in it. Molly drove me nuts and I kept wanting to yell at her to enunciate her T's in "out". I do think the deserving person won, but I would have loved to see James go home. The necklace could have been done in a much more tasteful way as the seashells are very interesting. But the belt was so unbelievably terrible. And he actually thought he would win!