eShakti - Cute Custom Sized Clothing!

Have you ever been to eShakti? They are an online clothing company with TONS of cute dresses and separates. The really neat thing about the company is that for starting at only $7.50 you can get the clothes custom made to your exact measurements. You can't beat that!

I was recently able to review one of their products. Check out my awesome new coat!!

I've had this coat for only about a week now and I love it! I ALWAYS have problems finding pea-coats that fit properly.  They never button across my chest or are too tight across my shoulders, something is wrong. The one I had before this one was SO restricting. 

So when I slipped this coat on it was SO refreshing to have something that fit me perfectly - because it was tailored just for me!

I love the cute little off-centered buttons on this coat and the flirty collar. 

I also really like the longer length - keeps me nice and warm! It also works great to wearing over my work clothes, I feel very professional and put together when I wear it.

This exact coat I do not believe is in stock anymore, but there is a similar one on sale:

Besides customizing the size, on most of the clothes you can also customize the styling. You can choose the type of neckline you want, length of skirts or coats, sleeve lengths, sleeve styles, SO many options to get something that you really will like. 

Check out all the cute clothes eShakti has to offer here. If you find something you like, register to get $20 off your first order AND free customization on your first order


  1. Really cute. It's hard to find a pea coat for someone with curves.

  2. how cute!! I wish we had colder weather - I love coats and sweaters!!

  3. Wow..that's a really cute coat! :D