DIY Chain Tassel Earrings

I guest posted this tutorial on Brassy Apple last week as a part of her Bling it series!

If you missed it, here it is again :)

Today I will be showing you all how to make a pair of silver chain earrings!

Chain, earring hooks, two link beads, two small jump rings, needle nose pliers and wire cutters.


Step 1: Cut a piece of chain around 2 inches long using wire cutters

Step 2: Cut a matching length of chain. An easy way to make sure your chain is the same length is to string the chain onto a piece of wire and then cut a matching piece.
(don't mind the spray paint on my was for a future wedding craft project that will be shown soon!)

Step 3: Cut around 6 or 7 more pieces of wire in varying lengths (do this for each earring).

Step 4: Open up a small jump ring and carefully string all the pieces of wire onto it.

Step 5: Add the link bead onto the jump ring and use needle nose pliers to close the jump ring. 

Step 6: Open up the other side of the link bead using the needle nose pliers again.

Step 7: Add on the earring wire, and then close the link up using the pliers.

Make your matching earring, and then you are done!

These earrings almost remind me of tassels.  So fun!

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  1. Well, Miss Thang, you stun me again with your talent! I actually have everything to make these right now. Thank you, darlin!

  2. Thanks for tutorial and they are really cute! This is inspiring me to start making some jewelry this weekend:) I have everything bought, just haven't started.

  3. Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a nice day, it's almost weekend! :)

  4. Love these! I had tassel earrings on my "want" list and now you've inspired me to make some. Crashing my stash today!

  5. Love these earrings! I think I have everything in my stash to make them.

  6. gorgeous

    Natasha xx

  7. These are so pretty! And they look easy enough for me to attempt! I'd love for you to share this at my link party tomorrow.

  8. These earrings are adorable!! I love how classic and pretty they look! Thanks for linking up to Think Pink Sundays - I featured you today - :)

  9. Beautiful earrings! Thank you for sharing your tutorial.

  10. Super cute! Where can you buy the round link beads?

  11. Try michaels or joanns or even AC Moore. If you can't find any in a link though you can just buy the beads and some eye pins and make them into a link!

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