Guest Post: Flower Girl Crown from Wildflowers and Whimsy

Hi!  I'm April, and I blog over at Wildflowers & Whimsy!  I'm a wife, mommy, & homeschooler.  I love sewing, baking, photography, LSU football & a cold Coors Lite on Saturday nights (or the Saints on Sunday...ya' know...whatever), beach front views, old musicals, just about anything vintage, and I pretty much want to diy everything I see.  My mom says my first sentence was "I can do it myself", so I guess that's fitting..Most of the time I've got way too much on my plate, but I'm workin' on that.  I wish there were more Hepburn's and less Hilton's in the world.  My blog is my spot to share all my sewing projects, and whatever else strikes my fancy at the moment!  I hope you'll stop by and say hi!

I am super excited that Becca asked me to guest post while she is off getting hitched!  I had such fun planning my wedding seven years ago that I already want to renew my vows just so I can plan another one...especially since pinterest, but the hubby isn't being all that cooperative!  lol

I made the flower crown for the flower girl in my wedding, and today, I am going to share with you how to make one of your own!  After a few pics from my own wedding that is...

Awww...I love my hubby!  ; )

Me & my dad...

Dancing with my grandfather...

Now for the tutorial...These little flower crowns are super simple to make, and the possibilities are endless!  You can do handmade flowers or silk...even real flowers if you want.  You can put flowers only half way around and wear it like an actual crown.  Add ribbons, butterflies, whatever!...just let your imagination go nuts!

All you need is 20 gauge wire, flowers, and floral tape...

Figure out how big you want your crown (it should be just big enough to rest around the crown of the head), and make about 6 circles with the 20 gauge wire.

Wrap the floral tape around the wire circle until it is completely covered.

When you're done, it should look like this.

Now take the flowers and attach them to the wire circle at the stems using the floral tape.  Go all the way around the circle and your done!

Here's my daughter, Sophie in the finished product..sorry she's a bit of a mess...It was Mardi Gras!

Congrats Becca!  And thanks for having me!