Guest Post: Pre-Wedding Bliss DIY by Sunshine Studio

While I'm off on my honeymoon I'm having some fun bloggers do some wedding-themed guest posts! Enjoy :)

Thank you Rebecca for letting me guest post today! I'm wishing you lots of Wedding Bliss!

Hi! I'm Shanti of Sunshine Bliss. I'm a jewelry designer as well as a Licensed Esthetician for over nine years! I wanted to share some of my tips I've given Brides to be over the years! They do work!!

Is their such a thing as pre-wedding bliss? Well there should be and can be!

You totally deserve & need to enjoy everrrrry minute of one of the most important moments in your life!

Savor, relax, languish and take in every wonderful, funny, silly, sweet, dramatic, topsy turvy moment that WILL come your way during the process!

Here's a list you can do Ala Carte or the whole shebang!

I recommend 3 months Prior to Wedding Date (sooner or later!):

-take 10-15 minutes everyday to just sit and be. Fake it if you have too. Listen to your breath, start out with some deep breaths at first then regular breathing. Close your eyes, imagine your day full of bliss, joy & peace.

-Do a weekly spa treatment. Mix up organic coconut oil and Sea Salt in glass container for a luxurious scrub.
Put drops of lavender oil in a Epsom Salt bath & relax. Follow with a warm shower after you apply the scrub.

-drink 10-14 8 ounces of water daily. With lemon. Will make your skin GLOW!

-write a daily simple gratitude list. Before bed or upon waking.

-be in nature as often as possible, by river, forest or beach and journal while you're there.

-keep up daily workout program if you don't have one daily walks, yoga and Pilates are great choices.

-when you feel stress taking over take deep breaths, count to 10. If that doesn't work excuse yourself go into bathroom and look at yourself in the mirror and repeat I'm at peace till you feel it.

-scream therapy is wonderful way to release frustration! Do it into a pillow, at beach to the waves, forest to the trees!

-have your girls from the wedding party do a Spa DIY Day

-write a letter to your inner child. About your wedding day and all the dreams you've had for it. Tell her that you are making them come true. Be detailed!

-hug & kiss & cherish your future hubby. Leave him love notes & ask him if he'd like to join in on some of your pre wedding bliss fun!

Try at least one idea on the list daily! I promise it will make a big difference on your wedding day!
So you can have Wedding Bliss instead of Wedding Stress!