Ode to Rhonda the Honda

Today, my 1993 Honda Civic is getting picked up by Junk my Car.

I'm getting $265 bucks for my little Rhonda the Honda!

That's pretty good considering I bought it when I was 15 for $1300 bucks with a summer full of baby-sitting money. 
This is from back when I graduated high school....when we thought it would be cool to paint on our cars and then lay on them and take pictures haha.

On this day of sadness, I will remember Rhonda the Honda with this Ode:
Side note: What makes an ode and ode? I sure don't know and don't feel like googling it. I'll just made my lines rhyme in pairs. Sounds good to me.

Ode to Rhonda the Honda
Rhonda the Honda was such a good car
She took me on journeys whose distances were far.
Back and forth Pennsylvania from college to home 
 Driving around lost (I suck at directions) on roads unknown
You only broke down once and left me stranded 
But then some strange men came and pushed me off the road four-handed!
The summer I got my license you took me to the beach
My poor passengers, that journey was a little bit of a reach
Driving across states and bridges so young
I don't know why my mother let me think that idea would be fun. 
I bought you so cheap I did not care that you had your flaws:
Peeling paint, ghetto cup holders, a wimpy horn, very close walls.
To me you were perfect my little clunky old Honda-
My first car that lasted for six years of automotive bliss with Rhonda.
And now that you finally broke and hubbygotmadandfrustratedandtriedtofixyoubutthenbrokeyoumoreandyousatapartinmygarageforaweekandthenhetriedtofixyouagainbutcouldn'tandyournotreallyworthputtingmoremoneyintobecauseiboughtyoufor1300dollarssixyearsagosheeshit'samazingyoulastedmethislongwhatagoodcaryouwere.
Uh....where was I?
Rhonda the Honda.
Proud owner from 2005-2012.
On this day you may by junked - but not forgotten. Your memory will live on in the clunks and clinks of old Honda Civics every ywhere.  

Side note: Oh haiiii new (used) car!


  1. You are too funny! I also wasn't aware that you were from PA. So we're basically neighbors! ;-) I just got rid of my Acura RSX I've had since 18 to buy my first grown up vehicle (a Nissan Murano) luckily the RSX is still around.. my Mom actually drives it! HAHA. Tell me how THAT happens.. It's a bitter sweet moment when we realize we have to grow up. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy adult life :)

  2. $265 is really not bad at all!!!! Did you cry? I did when I sent my ''baby'' to the scrap yard :(

  3. best thing about Honda...they last forever...worst thing about honda's...they last forever!

  4. Oh my gosh that cracked me up! You're a poet...did you already know it?

  5. Oh, this is such a cute post. Love the name of your old car!

  6. Aw what a gal that Rhonda!! What's the new girl's name? :)

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