Planning for St. Patrick's Day!

We're having our first little party at our new home tomorrow for St. Patrick's Day. Note: not a good idea to have a party in a home you have been living in for less than two weeks.  Luckily we got all our painting done downstairs....but it's all been a little rushed! And now we have a painted family room but no matching curtains or accent pillows or pretty candles....ok. I'm sure no one else will notice this but THESE are the things I think about haha!

Any whoozers. I figured I'd share quick today my plans for the party since if I share them after tomorrow they really won't be relevant any more! 

For food I'm planning on three items (friends are bring some other things as well):

 I'm going to make these yummy looking spinach roll-ups with spinach tortillas so they are green and festive!

Pesto pasta  
I'm going to make some pesto pasta to stay green and in theme :)

                                                                         Source: via MyGirlishWhims on Pinterest

And finish off with some mint chocolate chip cookies!

Also since it is St. Patty's day I will be making my specialty shot that I learned how to make when I was over in France. They referred to it as a "Shreck" but I couldn't find any pictures online. For you adventurous folk out there give it a try sometime: 1 part Baileys, 1 part mint liqueur (makes the whole shot green!) one part vodka.  Tastes like a peppermint patty going down!

For decor I'm just going to whip up some quick shammrock themed items:

                                                    Source: via MyGirlishWhims on Pinterest

                                          Some cute shamrock flowers wouldn't take long to make!

And I think I whip up a little shamrock banner or two. I love these cute ones made out of felt! In reality though I'll probably just break out the silhouette and cut out a bunch at once to save time....since St. Patty's day is tomorrow hah! 

Lastly I got this fun shape from the Silhouette store for 75 cents. They will be fun to hang from the ceiling!

So, those are my plans! Anyone else having people over? Maybe just relaxing at home? I hope you have a good time celebrating regardless :)

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  1. We aren't doin anything.
    But it's just so cool how energetic you are! Seriously...I'm too tired to do anything. LOL

  2. you are so stinkin all of the GREEN you have going on today! And I totally did the same

  3. whoops...hit publish too early...

    I totally did the same thing by hosting a big group of people right after we's not perfect but it's SO fun!!