Pretties & Trying a New Technique


I've added some new flower cabochon necklaces to my etsy shop. If you couldn't tell by my captions, I think they're quite pretty.  Check um out here if they spark your fancy :)

On a side note, I ordered supplies to attempt to LEGIT DIY this iconic necklace:
Oh yeah, the J.Crew Bubble Necklace. I've never been so excited to get resin in the mail.

My hubby is away until Saturday :( boo.  Tonight I plan on experimenting with resin, drinking peach wine, eating graham cracker ice cream, and catching up on Craft Wars and Sister Wives. Here's to learning new techniques and not getting high on poisonous fumes or getting chemical burns.  Yay! Maybe I should drink the wine AFTER the resin crafting. Good plan.