Meet Cat

One day I came home from work and Cat was sitting in my flower bed meowing at me. So, being the sane person I am, I meowed right back at Cat. And then said go away.

But then  later that night Cat came around to our back door. I was alone in the kitchen at night and I glanced over to the back door and BAM.

See, Cat has these freaky looking eyeballs. This kinda helps show it:


And Cat doesn't meow like other Cats, it's kind of like a gurgely hiss meow. So those eye balls and gurgely hissing kinda freaked me out for a bit.

 But, Cat didn't leave. And Cat swatted some bugs out of the air and ate them. And I really hate bugs. And I really am a sucker for helpless things.

So I feed Cat. Dog food. Hey, it was all I had. 

And Cat kind of just kept coming back around after, logically, I named her Cat and and bought her a food dish and Cat food from Target

Now Cat comes around at least every morning and evening for her breakfast and dinner. I took this picture one morning from our bedroom: she was waiting for us downstairs on our patio furniture!

And I snapped this one when I came home from work one day: taking a little cat nap on the patio waiting for us to come home :) I mean, that's just plain cute. 

So, Cat and I are pretty close these days. Even though I'm allergic to cats. And have never liked them. But the first time I pet Cat she was just all skin and bones....and this ole heart of mine I guess had enough room for a little stray cat with a gurgeling hiss meow.

Gah. I love that little sucker.

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  1. omg that is SO cute!! seriously - I'm not a "cat person" but I'm definitely an animal lover...and it seems like you have found a little friend who loves you!!! So sweet! :)

  2. Hilarious!
    Cats aren't my bag either.

  3. I LOVE cats!!!Actually, I love ALL animals. Scared of snakes, but that's another story. So, here I am, a cat person, and my husband is allergic to cats. Oh well, he knew I had cats, so he basically has to "suck it up", lol! I SO think you should give Cat a home, in your place, that is. Maybe you could take some meds. or something? Cat needs lots of love...hint! hint!

  4. I think you've just adopted a cat. Congrats! You better take her into the dr so that you don't have even more little mouths to feed. I took in a stray last year and have never regretted it. She's so grateful to have a home that she's the best cat ever~

  5. Awe. That's cute. I know what you mean about the weird mewing. There's a neighbors cat that has the strangest and slightly disturbing mew.

  6. We just had a similar thing happen to us. Only ours is grey / white and we called her "Kitty". I've never (EVER) been a "cat person" but this one won me over.

    My mom says that people don't adopt cats, cats adopt people. Maybe she's on to something...

  7. Awww I love a good kitty story. We have 3 and 2 were "accidentally" adopted. :P You've made a friend for life there in that gurgly feline. :)

  8. This actually made me tear up. I'm such a sucker for cats. My in-laws live in a pretty urban area so there are stray cats around. Most of the time they don't even know I came to visit for an hour or so because I'm out on the front stoop just loving on all of the little babies. I'm happy you're giving Cat some much needed love. Generally, when a stray is that friendly it's because they used to have a home and are lost or abandoned. It's so sad how cruel some people can be but you are practically an angel :)

  9. What a cute story - it really is the right thing to do to take care of all those abandoned animals. So great of you! Once she's fully accepted you, you might want to take her to the vet, though, just to make sure she's ok and won't bring eight little kittens to your patio ;-) xo Anja