Cool DIY Home Decor from Showing Houses

One of the cool things about being a Realtor (have I mentioned I'm a Realtor before? I've been meaning to do a post on that. More details later) is that I get to, obviously, see a lot of houses!

I was actually showing my sister homes in Lancaster City this weekend when we saw this great house with tons of cool DIY decor ideas!

All I had with me was my phone but I thought I would still share some of the cool photos I snapped:

This was my favorite: they hung an old door on the wall above the couch and decorated it! I've seen a lot of doors used in home decor, but never quite like this. It looked really awesome in the space.

They screwed in a little shelf with some decor and a wine bottle

And also just screwed some rods in to organize wine glasses!

They used a ladder hung to the ceiling to separate between the living room and dining room. I thought the candles were a cute accent!

Here's a picture from online that shows the cool ladder and the door on the wall (they moved the furniture though, now the couch is right under the door and I think it looks better that way!)

 Lastly in the living room they had two old wooden shutters as a little divider behind the living room lamp. (Also help to hide those pipes!!)

They also kept a shutter near the fridge and mail bin to organize papers 

And finally in the bathroom they hung a basket sideways to store wash cloths. Would also work great for toilet paper or just decor. I want to do this in my bathroom now!!

Great ideas! All in a day's work :) Hopefully we will actually be putting an offer on this home for my sister! They will already have those pre-drilled holes for the ladder and may use the same idea if they get it!

So anyone else snap home decor ideas from other people's houses? Hehe!

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  1. I didn't realize you were a realtor! Actually, my husband and I starting going to open houses for "dates". Now, here is where it gets interesting. We are in an average price point house ($145K) in the Maritimes, in Canada, but we are going to the high end open houses ($300K and up), and getting the high end finishing ideas and are incorporating them in our home! Hee! hee! We are no naughty!

    To be fair, though, we ONLY go to open houses, so we don't put the homeowner out, or the realtor out!

    By the way, I think those ideas the home owners used are just too cool! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Those are really interesting ideas! I love the ladder especially.

  3. That ladder is a really neat way to add some separation to an open floor plan.

  4. I like the idea of turning a basket case into a towel rack! I stronly promote recyling in my home in Denver apartments in Downtown.

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