Insta Friday

I'm getting back into Instagram now that I got a new phone and I got the app working again (it wouldn't update on my old phone and I was too lazy to plug it in and update it that way haha) so here are some of my recent pics! Follow me on instagram at mygirlishwhims

We went apple picking last weekend! I'd never been before, it was so fun! And cheap, we got our apples for 75 cents a pound!

I pick this one, and this one, oh and this one too

hubba hubba hubby :)

We picked like 20 pounds. Lots of apples!

I finally convinced the hubs to instal a garbage disposal in our new house. OH MY WORD THESE THINGS ARE GREAT. No more icky gicky sink gunk that I have to fish out. Love from man and machiene...yeah it runs strong with me and this garbage disposal :)

Sitting an open house. I love being a Realtor!

Here in PA these fall nights are getting so chilly!!! I broke my snuggie out of storage this week and snuggled up with the Insurgent Book (BTW: finished it, crying that I have to wait so long for the third book to come out!!!)

We had my grandparents over for dinner this week. My grandmom is so nice, she brought me money and a whole thing of paper towels! Now that I pay my own bills free paper product really toot my :)

 There's a little snapshot of what I've been up to! What about you??

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