Koala Cupcakes

Koalas kind of have a special meaning for the hubby and I. One day, when he's too busy to read my blog I'll tell you why... (hehe) but for now, you will just have to accept that fact that I baked koala cupcakes for my hubby for his birthday and that is normal for us ;) !

Now, I'll start this off by saying I'm not a fabulous cupcake decorator. If you google koala cupcakes you could probably find a better rendition...but, I still think these turned out adorable, even if they are not perfect!

All I did was bake chocolate cupcakes and ice them with white frosting.  I added extra frosting for the ears and added pink icing inside of them. The eyes are chocolate chips and the noses are chocolate covered peanuts.Sprinkle the whole cupcake with some silver sprinkles and then you've got a cute little koala!

Almost too cute to eat. But, they taste really good so not cute enough :)

Oh, and PS. Hubby loved them too!

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  1. That's funny, my husband loves koalas! Pinning!

  2. Well as an Australian, I can say well done, you have done our koala proud, and you didn't call it a bear so double win.

    They look great, well done.