Read it Loved it: Divergent by Veronica Roth

I'm a big book fan.

My dad told me once that he was embarrassed to take me to the library when I was a kid because I would get so many books out at a time. hah!!

Now that I'm done college/wedding planning/moving into our house etc. I have a lot more time to get back into reading! I've seen a lot of other crafty bloggers post about books, so I think it's fair that many of us crafters are also readers :)

Also, sometimes I just read a book that's so good that I just NEED people to tell besides my hubby who's not so much into reading like me!

This is what I'm currently obsessed with: Divergent. It's part of a Trilogy. I finished this one and just started the second one (SO EXCITED FOR IT!!!

It's a dystopian fiction novel - similar to the Hunger Games. In this world, the community is split into factions based on different values. Abnegation values selflessness. Amity values peace. Candor values truth. Dauntless values bravery. Erudite values knowledge. When children reach the age of 16 they have to decide what faction to choose: stay in the faction they were raised in with their family or go out on their own.

The story follows our heroine 16-year-old "Tris" who has to make a choice that will effect her whole future. As Tris prepares for her choice, she also gets back some unexpected news from her simulation test (used to help 16-year-olds decide which faction they are best suited for).

Of course, peace cannot remain for long in a dystopian novel. I don't want to give much away, but the book starts off slower, acquainting you to the society and characters, but picks up a story line quickly. I read this book so fast! I would recommend it to anyone who liked The Hunger Games, any of course anyone who just likes a good story!

Here are links to the book on Amazon through my affiliate program with them. The first link is the physical book, and the second is for kindle.


Has anyone else started the trilogy? Don't spoil anything I'm only at the very beginning of the second! But, if it's anything like the first I'm sure I'll love it!

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  1. I finished the 2nd one a few weeks ago, so good! It gets crazy! I'm so mad I have to wait til next year for the 3rd boo hoo!

  2. LOVE hearing my friends review stuff! Adding to my Goodreads!

  3. You know I have! I'm a Divergent/Veronica Roth crazy fan. I may have already made 3+ divergent related crafts and totally gave an insurgent necklace to Veronica at a signing this summer haha. Did I know you were a book girl before? Are you on goodreads? If you are we should be friends :)

  4. Sounds interesting! Just an idea: Maybe the bookclub at might be something for you (Rosie is awesome, and you might find other bookworms there, too!)!

  5. Divergent is so amazingly good. The movie rights were just sold too! Insurgent, the second book, is a really great middle trilogy book. I usually don't like the second book but I totally loved Insurgent. Now waiting another year for book #3.

  6. Love your review! Divergent was awesome and Insurgent will not disappoint!

    Now just waiting FOREVER (it feels) for book #3!