Sponsor Love: Hoops By Hand

As a jewelry maker myself, I am so excited to introduce you all to my newest sponsor: Hoops By Hand!

 Here's a little about Hoops By Hand by the founders themselves:
Hoops By Hands was started by four sisters who have a passion for jewelry.  We are lucky enough to have a father that is a very talented jeweler.  Before the age of twelve, we were exposed to many different styles of jewelry.  Each of us were taught how to solder, pound, and wind intricate designs from precious metals.   Now that we are grown and starting careers and families of our own, the passion for jewelry has stayed with us.  For this reason we have come together to bring to you many of our dad’s beautiful creations. 
The four sisters joined efforts to create Hoops By Hand, a site that weekly features a new stunning jewelry design! They focus on hoop earrings because of the simple beauty and versatility that hoops allow, but there are other designs as well.  They feature a new design each week, so if you see something you like you should not wait around!

Here are some of the gorgeous designs featured on the site:


Aren't they all so pretty? See more designs HERE

Hoops By Hand also has a very informative blog about jewelry making in general.

They even have some video tutorials! Check out the video for home to make this knot ring:

Each piece of jewelry comes with a guarantee, which I think is so important when you are buying something you cannot see in person: Each piece of jewelry is created by an expert craftsman and is inspected by us for quality.  Each piece is stamped with our seal, HH, and the appropriate metal from which it is made.  For your comfort when putting our hoops in your ear each post or stem is rounded.  
Whether you are a jewelry maker like me or just a jewelry lover in general {I guessing that's most of you guys :) } you should check out Hoops By Hand. The jewelry is beautiful, handmade, and quality! 
PS- Be on the lookout for a Hoops By Hand giveaway in the future!!! 

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