Christmas Stocking Tutorial with Wooden Initials

I've got a great Christmas tutorial to share with you all today!

I made mine and hubby's very first stockings together! And let me tell you. I love um so much we're using them until we're 80. NO JOKE.

I wanted a pretty neutral stocking, but still wanted it to be cute. I picked a linen with a gold detail and a matching base fabric for the accent top and bow. The little bow and the wooden initials are what make them so adorable I think!!

Now, I can do some basic sewing, but wrapping my head around a stocking just was not quite working for me.  So, it was a trip to mom's house for some guidance :)

So here's what we did. I didn't really write down measurements along the way because they are pretty basic to figure out.  If anyone is really desparate for the info let me know I'll try to backstep and measure :)

Be warned: picture heavy tutorial ahead!

First thing I did was fold white felt in half and pin a stocking template on top. My mom had one in her stash, but I'm sure you could find one online somewhere. Cut out around the template - this will be the lining of the stocking

 I used the felt lining as my template to cut out the outer fabric. Cut two at once with right sides together - this will make life easier! I cut a little wider than the felt everywhere EXCEPT the top of the stocking.

Next, cut out the "lip" of the stocking or whatever you want to call it. Make the width wide enough so you can fold it in half and allow a little extra for the lip folding over. Aka, if you want the lip of the stocking to come down 4 inches on the finished stocking, cut it 4 + 4 +1 inch so 9 inches wide. Length should be long enough to go all the way around the stocking plus an extra 6 inches.

Fold the lip over and iron. Set aside. (pretend you don't see that stocking in the corner)

Sew around the felt lining leaving the top open and about 2 inches of the top left corner open

Do the same with the front fabric (right sides should be facing in already from when you cut the fabric) Remember to leave two inches open!

Pin the fabric INSIDE the felt lining. Make sure the open portion of both stocking are lined up.

Next pin on the "lip" of the stocking with the unfinished end at the top. I just took out the pins from the stocking pieces put together and redid with the lip (kept me organized haha)

Make sure your extra fabric is on the same side as the open seams.

Sew all the way around the top!

After all is sewed, pull out the good fabric (will now be righ-side out) and stuff the felt lining inside of it

Get in there!!!

Beautiful! a lumpy half open stocking!

Give it a nice little ironing. Looks better now! Set aside for a moment.

Cut out a long skinny piece of fabric to use as the hanger with the plain fabric.. Fold it in half and sew down the side 

 Use a safety pin to help turn it right side out.

Iron it to shape

Turn your stocking back inside out (ok, I guess you could have skipped turning it right side out in the first place, but I needed to check to make sure I did it right haha) and put the stocking hook inside the stocking with the ends lined up with the open seams. Use a sewing machine to sew right up to the lip fabric.

Missed a pic between this step and the last...but turn the stocking back to right side out, and trim down the lip fabric.Bring the stocking hook out through the lip fabric. (It will make sense when you're holding it) Fold the two ends of the lip in and line up. Sew together using a blind stitch. 

Tada!! Base of the stocking is done. Give it a nice little iron again.

Now to embellish! I bought two wooden letters at a craft store and painted them gold so we could decipher between our stockings!! 

Cut out another long strip of fabric to use for the bow. Trim the ends sideways. Sew up the side and one end, then flip inside out and sew the other end by hand.

 Tie it into a bow! I also added a little loop out of twine to be able to hang the letters off of on the back of the bow (I could do that for the S, but the R I needed to tie onto the twine before attaching to the bow!)

Hand sew the bow onto the front of the stocking

Whew! Ok did you follow all that?? Here's a close up of the finished bow/monogram:

Here they both are hung on our bottom steps (no real mantel for us, but I think they look great on the steps still!)

Hubby's stocking;

 My stocking! A labor of love...but well worth it. Makes me want to learn how to sew more stuff!

 So pretty and festive!!!

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