1 Year Post College

I graduated early from college as a senior, so right about this time last year I was finishing up maybe one last final, packing up, reminiscing, and leaving my alma matter for the last time.

Although I will say I am completely loving post college life, every now and then I totally miss my college experience!

From the very first day I arrived as a freshmen (look how skinny i am!!!) I had an overall very enjoyable experience.  Roomies!

From awkward bonding moments with our brother hall on campus freshmen year...

to pranks...

and just plain fun :)

From studying abroad, the BEST experience of college for sure...

(Thanksgiving day in Spain!)
Had such a good semester with these 16 kids!

To making some friendships that are just...well...picture perfect?



And to finally enjoying 3 1/2 years of bonding, learning, and growing up with some great ladies (not all pictured here of course!!!)

I think the biggest thing I miss about college is GIRLS! haha. that sounds weird. But now that I'm married with my own place, I miss being to be able to see gal pals everyday. My senior year I lived in a suite with 3 other girls so there were always friends around! And other friends were not far away either :) Some nights when hubby is away I just get so sad coming home to an empty house and wish there was someone to watch a girly show, giggle and embroider with ;)

I think I need a dog.

Anyway. I'm SO glad to be done with school and out in the "real world," but I'm so glad for my experience and still do miss it. Grove City friends I love you! If you are ever out near Philadelphia please come visit! :)

"Graduation Day" May 2012...even though I technically graduated Dec. 2011. (No ceremony for December grads!)

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  1. Already a year?! Dang does time go too fast or what?!

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