My Christmas Shelves

I've shown bits and pieces after I finished projects, but today I thought I would pop in and show my completely decorated floating shelves for Christmas!!

To complement my wall color, I decided a gold, white, and hints of red theme would work nice. Here they all are:

The focal point is the very pretty pearl wreath I just showed you all how to make yesterday!
I put the wreath on my decorative window. Side note: after I put the window up, later that night it slipped and fell off the shelf!! It fell onto a part of our couch below but one of the window panes broke :( I was so sad because I just bought it in the fall and really like it! Well, hubby was SO sweet and went out and bought new glass and replaced the pane for me. Even thought the window was only 20 bucks to begin with and it almost cost that much to replace the pane haha I am still very glad he fixed it :) That's why the snow is a little faded in the top right pane and why there's a mark on the bottom right one. I ran out of snow spray! But anyway. Before replacing it on the shelf I added some little rubber grips on the bottom so HOPEFULLY it stays put!

I decorated the rest of the shelf with gold glitter candles I got for sale at Michaels after fall (I think they look more like Christmas than fall anyway!) and three little red candles the in-laws got me from a Walmart black Friday special. Three votives and two big candles for 5 bucks!

The white Christmas trees I made with my Silhouette. Cheap, easy and cute decor!

This shelf has my gold mini Christmas trees. I also gathered up some sticks from my back yard and spray painted them (almost) white (I had some terrible luck with the can I bought for some reason???) and stuck them in a vase. The little glitter bell I picked up at the Dollar Tree.

The last little shelf has a cute little mini Christmas tree (Joanns on sale with a 40% coupon!) which I strung a little bell garland on from the Dollar Store. I think the garland looks a little sad...maybe next year I'll make some mini ornaments :)  The gold star was also from the Dollar Tree. I think it was supposed to be an ornament but I think it works great on a shelf too!

And that's all of them! Little things like pretty decorated Christmas shelves sure do make me happy!! Anyone else? :)

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  1. What a lovely arrangement, Rebecca! I love the mix of textures with just a touch of shimmer and a splash of red! I bet you smile every time you look at it! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Hi, Rebecca

    What a lovely post! Found your blog on Serenity link party. I so enjoyed looking around your lovely blog and I am a new follower. Love for you to pop over

    Have a great Christmas.


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