Blogiversary Giveaway Winner {And Coupon Code}

Thank you so much everyone who entered my 2-year blogiversary giveaway!!

The winner is....

Congrats Lyuba! I will be emailling you!

Now, for everyone else who didn't win...don't be sad!

Use code "2YEARS" for 15% off my etsy shop between now and Friday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and you are all starting off this new week with a smile :) Hubby and I had such a nice weekend. I really should have taken more pictures.  We see each other everyday, but there's something about going out and just REALLY spending time with each other and not just sitting side by side on the couch watching TV :)

Saturday night we walked around some shops. Bought some more toys for our crazy pup  and then went out to dinner.  I love that I have a husband who agrees to split his meal with me in return for half of mine when I can't decide what I want :)

Sunday we drove up into the county and did some wine tasting. The vineyard was up on a mountain and the views were GORGEOUS. This was probably an hour and 15 min. from where we live, and it has not snowed for weeks but up on the mountain its still there in spots!  I also love that I have a husband who gives me his coat when I forget mine and we go up on a mountain where it's 15 degrees colder than at home!!!
 Such a refreshing weekend to recharge. Now back to work we go... 

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