Sponsor Love: Prize Winning Coffee

I have a fun new sponsor to introduce you all too today!

Prize Winning Coffee isn't "prize winning" in the sense that it's taste is so good it has won a lot of awards (but it does taste good!)
 (Looking at that cup of coffee is making CRAVE some more!! Does that happen to anyone else?? Too bad I'm writing this at 9:30 at night!!)

It's prize winning because literally, with every bag of coffee you win a prize!

Each bag of Prize Winning Coffee holds a piece of contemporary jewelry, vintage jewelry, or coins of the world.  Each prize is worth $5, $50, $250 or $500 dollars!

 It's the little things in life, isn't it?? I felt like a little kid about to find my prize in my box of cereal. Except now I don't eat cereal anymore...but I do love my coffee! And it was fun to to see what I would find inside:

I got a ring! A little "blingy" for my taste but I'm sure my little niece will love it. And the rest of that coffee is for me!!! Check out some of the other prize reveals on the Prize Winning Coffee Pinterest page.

If you are ever looking to "spice up" your coffee life (hah!) or just need a fun gift for a coffee drinker, be sure to check out Prize Winning Coffee.

Sound like fun? Be on the look out for a giveaway in the near future!

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