A GIANT Suprise from Green Giant

Green Giant™ has a Giant Surprise!!!

Do any of you have a secret talent?? I do! Seriously! I can blow a triple bubble out of bubble gum. Like one bubble...inside of another...inside of another. I know. SUPER IMPRESSIVE right?? (Ok just pretend to be impressed!!) ;)

Well, Green Giant™ has a secret talent too...they make AWESOME veggie chips!

I have to preface this post by saying that I really am being real. Yes, I was sent these chips for free, but they were seriously SO GOOD! They are on the grocery list for next week. No lie. Cause after I opened up the bag of of sweet potato chips with sea salt...this happened
Yeah. That was from ONE sitting.  Whoops?
I REALLY liked the he Green Giant™ Multigrain Sweet Potato Chips – Sea Salt Flavor. These chips  are made with real sweet potatoes and made with 14 grams of whole grain. Plus, they contains 40 percent less fat than regular potato chips!  
I don't even like sweet potatoes.  But these were DELICIOUS. Go figure.

The other flavor I got to try were the Green Giant™ Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips – Zesty Cheddar Flavor. This kind is also made with real vegetables and are naturally flavored. I also liked these a lot, but I the sweet potato ones were my favorite for sure

So if you are in a snacky mood looking for something that's a little more healthy than regular potato chips but are also still delicious, these Green Giant Veggie Chips will be right up your ally :)
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  1. I keep looking for these at the store to give them a try. They better have them at Target when I go today!