Use Washi Tape to Decorate Wooden Letters

This craft is a quick and fun and cheap project to give you an excuse to use up some of your washi tape stash! This technique is NOT mind blowing, but the outcome is really fun!

Washi Tape Letters

I picked up one of those plain wooden letters one time while wandering around a craft store on a whim as "oh, I can use this to craft some kind of cute monogram for our house." But then, it sat in our craft room for a few weeks until I finally decided I needed to do SOMETHING with it.

So you want to know my grand, new crafting concept???


Yup, that's it! Start with a plain letter and wrap it with Washi Tape!  (this picture was taken with my iPhone on my lap - I did this craft while watching TV - so simple)

To wrap the letter I would wrap one time around the letter, rip the tape, and then start on the next row.  I got my cute tape from a deal on Groopdealz. 

After the letter was wrapped, I left it sitting in my craft room for a few days to dry and I noticed that some of the washi tape was lifting up on the ends. My solution?

 Just slap some Mod Podge on that sucker! Seriously though. What can Mod Podge NOT fix.  I coated the whole letter in a heavy coat of Mod Podge and it dried clear and now all my little strips of washi tape stayed put!

Currently my little Washi Tape U has found it's home on the shelves in our bedroom.

Still need a little basket for that last shelf. But besides that, this cute little Washi Tape letter feels right at home in our master bedroom.

I think this would be a great technique to use in a nursery: getting letters for the name of your baby and covering each one in a different pattern of Washi Tape?? OK - mental note for when we have babies - DO THIS!

This project was really cheap too. AND if you keep up on any of the crafting trends I'm sure your already have a stash of Washi Tape that you need a project to use up some of your supplies - to this little monogram would be perfect for you!

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  1. Super fun idea! Seriously the creator of washi tape is a genius

  2. So cute!! I almost bought a few letters for my craft room and didn't. Now I wish i did!

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

  3. Finally! Someone who shares my frustration with Washi tape not sticking!! This is an awesome solution though! I love this and will be pinning it! :)

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