What I Wore Wednesday

This weekend the weather got SO nice here! It was in the low 70s and was the perfect opportunity to break out a cute little summer dress!

This cute little number was on the Target clearance rack. Score!

AND I KNOW I KNOW I am so white holey moley it's blinding my eye balls!!!

SECRET TIME: My hair? It's two days old in these pics! I guess that's normal for some people, but I always always wash my hair everyday.  I took the time to curl my hair the day before this though and it still looked half decent in the morning so I just added on a bunch more hairspray and touched up the curls. Not washing my hair cut my shower time down so much!

I am SO ready for summer time! I was in touch a good mood Sunday because it was so sunny and beautiful.  I think if i lived in Alaska or someplace cold and dark ALL THE TIME I would go into a severe depression - lol!!

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  1. Girlfriend, I have dirty hair more often than clean...you look great!! Yay for summer dresses!!