Cute Vintage Dresses from Shabby Apple

Let me start this post off by saying...has anyone NOT heard of Shabby Apple before? For the few of you out there who may not have heard of it before, Shabby Apple makes the most FABULOUS dresses. They make other stuff too, but their dresses are just to die for! They specialize in vintage clothing which gives the all dresses such a timeless and elegant feel to them.

I browsed through some of the vintage clothing that Shabby Apple has to offer and I was just blown away with how many cute dresses I found! Seriously, I could have just kept copying and pasting pretty dresses onto this post all night :) But, for the sake of the rest of my night, here are a select few I found and loved:

The together forever dress is getting shipped out to me :) I'm excited to wear it - brown is a good color for me but I don't actually have any brown dresses.  That little ruffle detail on the bust is so adorable - I can't wait to try it on! I'll keep you posted with how it looks in person with a What I Wore post soon!

For more delicious dresses, check out Shabby Apple!