Unlimited Plans - Do they Exist Anymore???

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I got my first smart phone when I was 18 years old and never looked back.

I mean seriously, how can you look back after having access to your emails, facebook, the weather, the news, the whole dang internet at your fingertips??  My answer is you can't. At least I can't! :)

Obviously, having access to all those features on a smart phone costs more than a traditional cell phone plan.  Smart phones certainly do not have the lowest price rate plan out there. I was lucky enough to have my parents cover my cell phone bill up until I got married which I was very grateful for.  My first job also paid for my cell phone bill.  I recently switched jobs, however, so just recently I've had to foot the bill for my own cell phone bill for the first time in my 22 years!!

So, for the sake of keeping things simple I just got a new phone and switched providers to join my husbands plan without doing much research first as to what our other options might be.

One of the biggest negatives about having to switch providers was that I lost the rights from my previous plan for unlimited data. Which is MAJOR sucky because I'm on my phone ALL the time. And I just recently started playing Candy Crush Saga (bad life decision) and I've been sending all my facebook friends requests for more lives (yeah I'm that annoying friend. I know I have a problem) so I've been using a LOT of data lately. Seems like NO ONE offers unlimited data anymore. Well at least that's what I thought....

 Until I learned more about the Walmart Family Mobile plan! First things first - what what you say? Walmart has a cell phone plan? Yes, I didn't know either! But they do - and just as you would expect from Walmart, they offer the lowest price rate plan around. 

I'm excited to be able to try this new plan out with my new LG L9. This smart phone retails for less than $200 at Walmart and it's only $40 a month for unlimited talk, text and data. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me!

 Another positive about this plan is that there is NO contract.  No having to stay locked in to a two year contract and have to pay big bucks if you want to upgrade before you're allowed or to get out mid-term. I remember when I got my first iPhone I was not "technically" due for an upgrade and my mom had to pay for an extra line for a WHOLE YEAR so I could get that phone early.  Lord bless my mother for allowing me to start my smart phone obsession one year early!

Getting the service set up was SUPER easy as well.  It went so much faster than I've ever experienced at a regular cell phone store where there are always lines.  I brought my phone to the store (or you can buy one there), bought my family mobile plan starter pack (one time fee of $25), and then had an employee activate my service right then and there.  And if you do have any trouble in the store or would rather do it on your own, you can go online to account management or call in to get things started.

I'm so excited to try out this new plan! If I can save money on my cell phone bill that means MORE money for more important things. Like buying more moves on Candy Crush Saga cause I CANNOT pass level 28. Ok, I kid, I kid. I havn't bought anything for something as silly as a cellphone game......yet.

 I'll be posting more about my experience in July! In the meantime, read about my full shopping experience in my Google + album!


  1. Is their service good? I'm on Verizon now and I don't think I would switch if there wasn't good coverage. Also, did your number change? If so, I want it. :)

  2. What do you think of the LG versus an iPhone?

  3. I'm with you! My contract is for unlimited is for unlimited service, but my provider tacks on all manner of other fees to for it to actually BE unlimited service. I'm excited about the savings - no doubt about that, especially as I see the plan is compatible with our family smart phones. That was a big surprise to me! Looking forward to reading more about your experience!