What Jewellery Should I Wear For My Wedding?

As a jewelery maker and a "newlyish wed" I thought today's guest post from another Rebecca might be helpful to some of you! :)

Although a stylish and tasteful bridal dress is certainly one of the highlights of your wedding day, choosing the correct type of jewellery can help further accentuate what will certainly already be a truly stunning ensemble. However, accessorising in this way takes a bit of forethought and by following a few simple tips, you will truly be the belle of the ball.

Aim for Understatement
One of the mistakes that brides-to-be will often make is to place too much emphasis on the jewellery itself. While wearing a brooch pin that has been handed down for generations may seem to be a good idea, too many accessories will detract from the pristine nature of the dress itself. Instead, choose subtle and yet classy pieces. This will allow the entire outfit to appear tasteful without taking the guests' attention off of the dress. Simply stated, tiny highlights can go a long way.

Colour is Important
Assuming that the bridal dress will be a white or off-white shade, there are different metals that will work well with each hue. Gold jewellery worn with a pure white gown may slightly clash. It is a better idea to stick with silver, pearl and platinum. On the contrary, an ivory gown works quite well with gold accessories; the gold colour will help to highlight the nuances of this creamy fabric.

What Jewellery Should I Wear For My Wedding?
As can be seen in the below photo, strapless gowns are an excellent means by which you can accentuate a flowing neckline. Thus, necklaces should be avoided. Instead, pearl drop or chandelier earrings are a perfect fit for this choice. To balance out the lack of a necklace, Art Deco bracelets or placing a matching bridesmaid's flower in your hair will prove to be an excellent compliment.

Consider the Wedding Band
You should always remember that the wedding band will naturally receive a great deal of attention. So, it only makes sense to match the colour and lustre of the band with any jewellery that will be worn. However, this does not necessarily mean that the exact style of the band must be adhered to. Instead, choose a subtle bracelet and matching necklace to help accentuate the ring while balancing out your ensemble.

Vintage and Modern
Many brides will opt for more of a vintage look on their wedding day. As these gowns will normally boast a large amount of lace as can be seen in the below photo, 21st century jewellery can be seen as a tasteful contrast; a balanced melange between vintage and modern will certain be memorable.

These are but a few tips that will help you encounter the perfect jewellery to match this immortal
and memorable occasion.

Author: Rebecca is an enthusiastic jewellery expert who works at SamaraJames.com and prides
herself on her wedding knowledge. She understands the nerves in getting ready for your wedding
but you should always know that it’s your special day.

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