Seriously friendly pre-date prep…fresh breath to say hello

Do you have a routine for prepping for dates? 

Hubby and I can be happy little homebodies some Friday nights, but we do like to go out and have some fun fairly often as well! Even though we are married now I still like to make an effort to get a little extra dolled up before we do something special.

Take this weekend: we went to see Gravity at the movie theater.  We went out shortly after we got home from work so I just needed a little personal prep before going out:

I always like to touch up my eyeshadow, foundation, and throw on a little extra mascara.  I'm wearing my hair straight most days recently so I comb through the knots from the day.  Lastly I like to throw on a little extra bling to make my "casual Friday" work outfit turn into date night outfit!

Then I switch to hygiene: a little extra deodorant,  a spritz of my favorite body spray,  and then I brush my teeth and gargle to get ready to say "Hello" out on the town!!

Part of my new pre-date prep routine has been using hello toothpaste and other mouth hygiene products from hello!

Hello has turned oral care into something seriously friendly. All of their products have delicious flavors like Sweet Cinnamint, Pink Grapefruit Mint, Supermint, and my favorite: the Mojito Mint hello mouthwash. And here's a fun fact: hello mouthwash doesn't contain any alocohol because it dries your mouth out: save that for the date!

And speaking of alcohol...

 Our movie night on Friday wasn't at just a regular movie theater, it was at a Movie Tavern! If you don't have one of these near you, it's a restaurant, bar, AND movie theater, but you do it all right in the theater! Servers come out before and during the movie to serve your dinner, snacks, and drinks!

I enjoyed a frozen peach margarita (YUM) and a burger and fries all from my movie seat.  Doesn't that sound great?? Sound great, yes. Smell great afterwards on your breath? NOT so much!

Luckily hello breath spray comes in a compact size and eye catching design. They fit perfectly into my date-night clutch! After I was done my meal I could easily sneak out my breath spray and after a few squirts I was ready to go back to whispering sweet nothings to hubby throughout the rest of the movie. Ok - or just sneaking a kiss or two :)

Hubby and I had a great night and I didn't have to worry about bad breath ruining the evening.  Only thing I had to worry about was my neck getting stiff because we got to the theater late and had to sit in the front row!

Visit hello online to find a location near you that sells hello products: your local Target or Duane Reade (if you are in the NYC area) should have them!

This is a sponsored post for hello but all opinions are my own.


  1. Great tips for freshening up! I like to add cute accessories like a necklace or scarf, too, just to mix things up a bit... and I definitely brush my teeth and mouthwash before ever leaving the house! ;)

    xo, Abby @ Always, Abby

  2. I haven't been on a date in so long that I don't remember what my routine is! Probably some perfume and something pretty to wear. I'll have to try the mouth wash because I seriously hate the taste of most toothpastes and mouthwashes. How was Gravity?

  3. never heard of hello, sounds interesting!! Im going to check them out!

    ps soooo jealy you can eat/drink at your movie theater, soooo fun!

    Bunnies and Pearls

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  6. This is so pretty and girly and delicate--lovely design! And how sweet you are to make such a nice gift for your will be such a nice memento for her sister! :)
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