Surviving Seasonal Allergies with Kleenex

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I have ALWAYS struggled with seasonal allergies.  I have memories from when I was a kid of being drug to the doctors every other week for allergy shots.  We had HOPED that those shots would help me build up an immunity, but I think they really did diddly squat. My allergies are just as bad as ever.

This weekend Kleenex came to my rescue.  One of my very good friends from high school got married - and the reception was in a barn. It was a beautiful set up, but a terrible location for those of us who suffer from allergies! Hay and dust were everywhere and I knew I didn't want to spend the whole reception sneezing and dealing with watery eyes, runny make-up, floating contacts and a snotty nose!  

 Luckily I thought ahead and stocked up with a Pocket Pack of travel size Kleenex that fit perfectly into the small purse I brought with to the wedding. Dealing with my allergies was so much easier: I didn't have to scrounge around looking for napkins or stash wads of tissues in hubby's pockets: whenever I needed them my Kleenex were close at hand neatly in their place.

I thought the worst of my allergies would be at the barn, but this time of year it seems like I never get a break. I made sure to keep my Kleenex handy while we got ready at the hotel. Have you ever sneezed with curlers in? Ouch.

Don't mind me, just rocking some curlers and blowing my nose!!

 My Kleenex also came in handy during the wedding ceremony.  I uh, may have teared up just a little bit during the vows. I am such an emotional wimp at weddings!!!

We had a blast at the wedding. If only I could have left my allergies back at the hotel with that half-drunk bottle of wine someone snagged from the reception....but they followed me back home just like the massive small wine hangover as well... But luckily I'm stocked up with Kleenex at home to help make allergy season a little more bearable!

If you struggle with allergies or have any upcoming weddings and are an emotional wimp like me, now is the perfect time to shop for Kleenex at Target! I have an awesome coupon for you to print: buy a Kleenex 4 pack, get a free wallet pack or pocket pack! offer good while supplies last.  

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