Vintage Style Dresses from Shabby Apple

If you've been around blog land for a bit, I'm sure you seen many posts about Shabby Apple.

Shabby Apple creates BEAUTIFUL clothes, but they are most well known for their vintage clothing looks with a modern twist! My favorite pieces are their dresses - they have so many beautiful designs!

They also have a wide variety of styles - formal, casual, and many in between.

This is one of their formal gowns I'm crushing on - it's titled the Mullholland and I just LOVE the lace details and timeless elegance it has!

I was lucky enough to get to test out a Shabby Apple myself, but I went a little more practical.  I have to dress up for work every day during the week so I picked out the Truman dress, which is perfect to wear into the office.

It has a fun cowl neck and some extra volume in the sleeves that really makes that plain black dress much more than plain.

It's also very modest for work.  Maybeeee just a tad too modest :) No, I actually had to size-up because they were out of my size and so this one hits me a little long, but if you ordered true to your size it would probably better.  And nothing a quick little hem can't fix!

Another thing I really liked about this dress is the material that it is made out of.  It's a cotton so it is very comfy but also THICK which was so nice since our fall temperatures here in PA are getting very chilly very quick!!!

Browse around the Shabby Apple dresses (be careful, there are a ton!!) Which one do YOU like best?? Also be sure to follow Shabby Apple on facebook and instagram to keep up with all their new designs!

Thanks to Shabby Apple for providing me with this dress.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own.


  1. I love the neckline and sleeves on this. Very retro.


  2. It looks really comfy. I love the dress. I love the neckline, i have a thing for cowl necklines. The dress really look nice on you and it's like a dual purpose dress. You can wear it at the office and you can also use after office hours, like a night out with the girls or some party. Great choice!

  3. Nice read! I like the suggestions.

  4. you look so good in this dress Becca!!