DIY Burlap Merry Christmas Sign

Sometimes I go on crafting sprees. Maybe "spree" is not the right word...cause by spree I mean that I make like...two of the same thing.  But I only really get to craft normally one day during the weekend so if I make more than one of anything I feel pretty spree-like. I busted out my Silhouette a weekend or so ago though and made two decorative Christmas signs so I was feeling pretty productive. When the festive Christmas crafting bug hits, I roll with it!!! I already shared my Most Wonderful Time of the Year sign - and today I'm sharing my other sign!

Merry Christmas Burlap DIY Sign

I started with some pretty glittery burlap that I got from Michaels.  It's hard to tell in the photos but you can see the glitter very well in real life which I like - makes the burlap so fancy schmancy.

 I found a pretty "Merry Christmas" phrase in the online Silhouette store and cut it out with some vinyl.  I wanted to use it as a stencil so I peeled off all the letters and left the negative space behind.

I used contact paper to remove the vinyl from the paper and then laid it down on the burlap and smoothed it out with a credit card

I thought about using a "pouncher" sponge to apply the paint, but the burlap absorbs a lot of paint so I just used a small paintbrush to paint it on directly

Turns out that the paint brush worked really well! I pulled off the vinyl and paint hadn't bleed at all.  I was pretty impressed with myself haha

Next I needed something to display my burlap on - so I grabbed an art canvas 

And used a staple gun to stable the burlap onto the frame!

Flipped it over and it was done! I think it turned out so pretty :)

It's definitely a very festive sign -it actually has a Christmas color in it! Not so much the case with my blue and gold Christmas shelves

I think painting the words on the burlap instead of directly on the canvas make it more fun - much more textured and a little more visibly appealing than just paint on paint.

Now to wait for my next crafting "spree" to hit - I'll make two more of something else! Haha. Probably not anything else Christmas this season. We don't have a basement at our house so if I keep making too much seasonal decor we'll have to move to be able to store it all!! maybe it's good that my crafting sprees are not super productive so we can live in our house a littttle longer :)


  1. Your Christmas sign turned out great. Its very pretty.

  2. I LOVE this! The red is perfect and the font is adorable.

  3. That Silhouette is sure handy : ) It turned out great.


  4. this sign looks great,I love burlap!

  5. I love the font! This turned out great! I'm featuring this on my blog today.

    Thanks for linking up to the Block Party!

  6. Hi! I love this! I can't the Merry Christmas phrase on the online Silhouette store would you mind to please share the link? Thank you!