Easy Love Sketch Valentines Day Decor

This year I haven't really felt like decorating for Valentines Day.  I really liked my winter decorative shelves I put up for Christmas and since they are not super "Christmasy" I decided to keep them around for awhile.  However, I did make a few Valentines Day projects this year and this one is by far the simplest but I really like it! It is a more subtle project that I can keep up well past Valentines Day without being tacky.

One of the coolest things about this little frame is that it ALMOST looks like I just sketched it out with a blue ballpoint pen. ALMOST. But not at all because even though I am crafty I have 0% of drawing ability in my body.

But luckily I've got some crafting machines that will do the drawing for me! I got this cute little Love sketch from the Silhouette store and set it to use a sketch pen in the Silhouette studio.

I picked a light blue paper and bright blue sketch pen to match my family room decor and to give a more non-traditional feel to this Valentines Day art. 

Here it is all sketched out! This was my first time using the Silouette sketch pens and I was impressed! Pretty awesome how well they worked. 
I added my frame to a bookshelf in my family room:

It makes me smile when I walk by since it was so easy and cute :)

Now if only planning our actual plans for Valentines Day would be this easy.  Hubby is of the mindset that going out ON Valentines Day is a terrible idea since every restaurant will be super packed since Valentines Day is on Friday this year. I'd rather just suck it up and enjoy the cheesy holiday lovey doveyness and go out and enjoy ourselves :) We might compromise and go out on Saturday or Sunday instead.  At least if we stay in on Friday my house will be just a tiny bit festive!


  1. Lovely simply stated valentines decor. - amazing whet that silhouette can do! Thank you for sharing.

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