Heart Specimen Frame using Glitter Heart Beads

It is officially February! The month of lovveeee. February is a little extra special for hubby and I because not only do we get to celebrate Valentines Day together but we also have our wedding anniversary this month! Convincing hubby that yes we do have to celebrate EACH occasion and I will be expecting flowers on both days has been a little challenging.  Our anniversary is only 11 days after Valentines Day and Shawn has tried to play the card of..."What if I buy you really nice flowers and they last until our anniversary??" Sigh. I might never be able to convince him to keep the two occasions separate. I guess I'll just try to decorate with cute crafts for the whole month of February in honor of both days - all I can do on my part!!

Last month I ordered a bunch of different heart beads from Cousin Corp for my Valentines Day project for the Cousin Creative Circle.  I already shared my Heart Bead Bunting but I had some more pretty beads to use up and decided to make...

Heart Specimen Art with Glitter Heart Beads

This project was obviously very easy to make so this tutorial will be very short, but I couldn't help but sharing - I mean just look how cute it turned out!

To make your own version you will need white card stock, a square white frame, Heart Glitter Beads, and hot glue.

These adorable glitter beads completely inspired this project - they are so sparkly and full of color I just loved them. I think they almost look like little gumdrops!

This is pretty straight forward.  Cut out a piece of cardstock the same size as your picture frame insert and then align the heart beads onto the paper equidistant apart.  You can use a ruler or just eyeball it like I did :) I laid all my hearts out first and then removed them one by one to hot glue them on.  My biggest tip? Work right to left (if you are right handed) otherwise when you drag your glue gun back to rest on the right side the little hot glue strings will move all the loose hearts around.  If they are already glued in place that won't matter!

All glued down:

Then just pop it into your frame and you are done!

I swear these beads look just like candy.  This picture makes me want to pluck them off one by one to pop into my mouth haha :)

I styled my frame with a couple of heart items on one of my floating shelves but there are a lot of ways you could use this.  I think this would look adorable as part of a gallery wall in a little girls bedroom! What little girl doesn't like hearts and glitter and pink??? Well. I guess there could be some. Surprisingly I went through a tom-boy phase where I hated all things pink GASP. What was I thinking??  If that is the case just make one to put up around Valentines Day!!

So does anyone else have an anniversary this month? Any problems trying to keep it separate from Valentines Day? Please share any tips if you have some :)


  1. This is so cute! I'm loving all the Valentine's 'specimen' art I've been seeing lately...but this is the first one with beads! What a great way to take a current trend and give it your own personal flair. I'm lucky...my hubby loves to bring home flowers (he does NOT do jewelry lol). We have a Trader Joe's nearby, so he always finds one of their bouquets for special occasions. Funny thing though, he's totally allergic to flowers...so I always have to tuck them away in a corner of our dining area rather than displaying them in a more visible area or he starts sneezing like mad. Sometimes it just seems like a waste lol.

  2. I have the same problem with Vday. Its my birthday so convincing the husband I've been good enough for two presents is a task.

  3. This is so tedious! You did an amazing job with it! I love the colors, and I even like the glitter!
    I'd love it if you linked up with our party this week!! http://www.sowderingabout.com/2014/02/awesome-things-tuesday.html

  4. such a fun idea ... so pretty!